8 places to escape to this weekend for under £200

Looking to spend the bank Discount Holidays © holiday weekend as far away from home as possible? Then you re in luck; here are eight destinations you can escape to for under 200.

1. Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is just a 4.5-hour blast up the scenic East Coast Mainline, with return tickets from London starting at 135. Once you re there, soak in the city s medieval history, scale Arthur s Seat, see an exhibition or two and rehydrate in the city s excellent pubs.

8 Places To Escape To This Weekend For Under £200 Edinburgh is just a 4.5 hour blast up the East Coast Mainline from London Credit: AP/FOTOLIA

2. Inverness

If Edinburgh isn t quite far enough, you could head further north to the Highlands. It s a bit of a schlep alright the London to Inverness service (return tickets from 162) takes eight hours but passengers are rewarded with exquisite scenery en route. When you eventually get there, in Inverness you ll find a handsome Highland city with fine restaurants, cosy pubs and monster-spotting excursions to nearby Loch Ness.

Great British rail journeys: 10 of the best1

3. Zurich

Head to Zurich this weekend to celebrate the centenary of Dadaism, a cultural movement that changed art forever2 and began in the city s narrow, cobbled streets in 1916. There are plenty of events3 from walking tours to art exhibitions going on to mark the occasion. Vueling can get you there and back (from Luton Airport) from 198.

8 Places To Escape To This Weekend For Under £200 Celebrate the centenary of Dadaism in Zurich this weekend Credit: AP/FOTOLIA

4. Paris

Return tickets to Paris on the Eurostar this weekend start from 199, though you ll have to set the alarm pretty early. Admittedly the pound is down against the euro, but Paris has scarcely been so affordable, with hotels slashing prices4 in a bid to tempt tourists back after the recent terrorist attacks. Despite the headlines, the city is safe and very much open for business.

Best hotels in Paris5

5. Bruges

Arguably the best preserved medieval city in Europe, Bruges s cobbled streets, quaint canals and timeworn bars are just a few hours away from London thanks to Eurostar, which has return tickets to any Belgian station for 199.

8 Places To Escape To This Weekend For Under £200 Eurostar is offering return tickets to any Belgian city for 199 Credit: AP/FOTOLIA

6. Jersey

Enjoy the dying embers of summer in Jersey, which boasts gorgeous beaches, fine restaurants, terrific coastal walks and some fascinating historical sites where the ghosts of Nazi occupation still lingers6. British Airways will get you there and back from 173. Alternatively, take Condor s fast ferry from Poole (return 130).

Britain’s best islands7

7. Hannover

The historic links between Hannover and Britain run deep: from 1714 until 1837 the king of Hannover was also the British monarch. Forge fresh links by visiting the German city this weekend, taking time to explore its pretty old town, baroque gardens and bountiful bars. British Airways has return flights from 172.

8 Places To Escape To This Weekend For Under £200Top tips for finding a cheap flight Play! 01:49

8. The Hague

Stena Line can ferry you and your bicycle between Harwich, Essex and The Hague this weekend for just 78 return. According to Telegraph Travel s destination expert, Claire Wrathall, the city is staking a claim as Holland s cultural capital8. Upon arrival, visitors can sizzle on The Hague s sandy beach, admire its stately architecture, kick back in leafy parks and flutter between world-class cultural attractions such as the Mauritshuis gallery.

8 Places To Escape To This Weekend For Under £200 The Netherlands’ third city is giving Amsterdam a run for its money Credit: AP/FOTOLIA


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