British father drowns during a family holiday on the Costa Del Sol

A British man on Discount Holidays © holiday with his family in Spain has drowned after trying to save his ten-year-old daughter1 from the water after she got into difficulties.

The victim, who has been named locally as father-of-two Reece Bryan Morris from Walthamstow, was on Discount Holidays © holiday with his wife Carly and two daughters when he drowned.

British Father Drowns During A Family <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday On The Costa Del Sol Crowded beach on the Playa Ferrara Torrox Credit: itdarbs / Alamy

Witnesses say the 40-year-old was in the water while a red warning flag was flying.

I didn’t think twice about jumping into the water when I saw it was a young girlSamuel Pozo

The tragedy happened on the beach of El Pe oncillo in Torrox in the province of Malaga. Onlookers said around a dozen bathers rushed into the water to help save the child after seeing her and her father dragged towards rocks by the current. Lifeguards reached Mr Morris soon after but despite being conscious when he was brought back to safety, onlookers said he then collapsed and fell to the ground from a suspected heart attack.

Samuel Pazo, 35, an administrative officer from Malaga, dived into the water to try to save the father and daughter when he realised they were struggling.

He said: “I didn’t think twice when I saw it was a girl. The current was very strong and it was pushing the swimmers towards the rocks.

“I was not the first to reach the man who was holding his daughter. Another swimmer reached him before me and he passed the girl to me. I helped lift her on to nearby rocks. By then there was a crowd who helped her out.

“When I looked back at the man, he was still in the water and did not seem too bad. He was not talking and he had tried to stop his daughter drowning.”

Mr. Pazo said he believed the red flag, which was hanging from a tower about 300 metres away, was too far for Mr Reece to see.

“When they got the man out, he had not swallowed a lot of water or anything but they could not revive him. It seems like he might have suffered a heart attack trying to save his daughter.”

A post-mortem examination is due to take place today in Malaga. Friends of Morris paid tribute to him today on Facebook. One said: “God bless you and your family Reece. I can’t believe you’re gone man.

Miss you.”

Another added: “Haven’t been able to stop thinking this morning. We all grew up together. I remember conversations like they were yesterday.”

Pal Jay Carter said: ” Today is not a good day. My best friend sadly passed away as a hero. Saving his own daughter from drowning in the sea, while holidaying in Spain.

I’m going to miss you so much Reece.”

The tragedy is the 12th fatal drowning-related incident on a beach in Malaga province so far this year.

In June a British pensioner named as 76-year-old Jeffrey Dobson died in a suspected drowning in front of a beach club in Marbella.


  1. ^ drowned after trying to save his ten-year-old daughter (

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