British man disappears while out walking on holiday in the French Alps

A FULL scale search operation has begun in the Alps after a British hiker disappeared while on Discount Holidays © holiday earlier this week. David Wood was last seen on a walk to the commune of Clans in southern France from the mountain village of Marie in the Tinee Valley area of the Alpes Maritimes at around lunchtime on Tuesday.

British Man Disappears While Out Walking On <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The French Alps David Wood went missing in the French Alps while out walking on Tuesday British Man Disappears While Out Walking On <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The French Alps

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David went missing in the French Alps near his Discount Holidays © holiday home in the village of Marie. Stock photo.

The 61-year-old telecoms engineer was on a relatively straight forward six kilometre hike when he went missing. The area, known for its sheer drops, rocky patches and rivers, has been searched extensively by family, friends, cops and mountain rescue crews as well as a helicopter but the dad has not yet been found.

David, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, was due to be back at his Discount Holidays © holiday home, 20 minutes away in Marie, at around 2.30pm for a business conference but had stopped answering his phone as of 2.15pm that day. Posting an emotional statement on Facebook, his son Danny said the family fears for his safety claiming it was one of the hottest days to be out walking and he had admitted to being tired when called by his wife, Val, shortly before he disappeared. They believe it is unlikely the rivers would have carried him away as it hadn t rained in over a week and the current wouldn t be strong enough.

British Man Disappears While Out Walking On <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The French Alps The 61-year-old dad from Suffolk was reportedly feeling tired when he stopped answering his phone British Man Disappears While Out Walking On <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The French Alps

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He knew the route and is unlikely to have gone off the beaten track as he was due back home shortly after

The family claims David is reasonably fit but had recently been diagnosed with raised blood pressure. Danny said: It is with much pain that we have to report the disappearance of our beloved father, husband and best friend, David Wood.

We knew he was getting tired, because our mum was very concerned and had rung him twice. The second time he admitted to tiredness. After these two calls he phone continued to ring, but he did not answer.

If he fell on the path or just off the path, he would have been found.


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The forest nearby is very dense and although he is an inquisitive person he would not put himself in any unnecessary risk, so walking deep into it seems highly unlikely, especially as he knew that he had to be back home soon and these areas have also been heavily searched.

His absence is completely out of character and he is in a very happy place in his life, in particular during these summers in France.

Danny said his family s initial worry had turned to fear and sadness as they struggled to make sense of how his dad had gone missing.

British Man Disappears While Out Walking On <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The French Alps The telecoms engineer hasn t been seen since, leading his family to fear for his safety

He added: Our concerns are that the sun might have affected him, or that he fell over then woke with concussion. Maybe he walked down to the mountains in a confused state.

If this is the case it is very possible that he made it to the road below, was he picked up by someone? Or, and it destroys us just thinking about it, is he still out there? If so where is he? and why is he so far from the path? David is described as having a full head of curly, white hair and was wearing a sturdy pair of walking boots, a bright orange cap, beige linen trousers, sun glasses and a brown t-shirt at the time he disappeared.

He was also using two walking poles to aid him.

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