Holiday Inn Express celebrates ‘Talk in an Elevator Day’

THEY say it takes a mere 30 seconds to make an impression, positive or negative, on someone new. Saudi Arabia has long been known for its valuable Arab traditions which include hospitality and the greeting of strangers. In the Kingdom and across the Middle East, small talk and greeting people with a number of fixed phrases is the norm, profuse greetings and inquiries about health and well-being are also seen important in establishing friendly relations. With this in mind and in the spirit of Talk in an Elevator Day on July 29 dedicated to encouraging the stepping out of comfort zones and making small talk with strangers Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express has these suggestions to help master the art of the elevator pitch to create an impactful impression straight away.

The humble elevator pitch, or speech, is designed to break the ice and lead to deeper dialogue about a specific idea or topic, be that yourself, your organization or your product. As the name suggests, it s short enough to get your concept across in the time taken to travel between floors while riding in an elevator. To effectively communicate a memorable, engaging snapshot of yourself that encapsulates who you are, what you are trying to achieve and how you can succeed, consider following these simple, straightforward tips:

Show empathy by highlighting an issue the other person can relate to
Choose the right words, and leave out all the rest. Less is more.
Wouldn t it be amazing if ? Suggest an objective solution you can follow through on
Differentiate yourself by explaining what it is that makes you and your offering unique
Don t forget to pursue a relationship! Request to connect again in the future

Social media has become the predominant mode of communications and a lot of people today are better at communicating by typing than delivering an elevator pitch face to face.

With a captivating elevator pitch up your sleeve, make a visit to the Great Room the next time you stay at a Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express hotel, and try your hand at creating a lasting impression on a new acquaintance or fellow guest. The Great Room is a comfortable and inviting space featured across all centrally located Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express hotels, encompassing an open-plan restaurant and lounge area. Fuel your productivity and get an early start to your day with a free Express Start Breakfast or Grab & Go option.
Complete with modern furnishings and equipped with free Wi-Fi connectivity, the Great Room serves as a multifunctional common area where smart and savvy travellers can choose to connect online, or mingle and relax after a full day of business commitments.

Across the Middle East (Levant, GCC, & Egypt), there are 4 Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express properties open and over 2,400 Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Express hotels open across the globe, with a further 628 hotels due to open globally in the next three to five years.

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