Irishman shot dead on Majorca holiday island in ‘mistaken identity’ gang attack

An Irishman has been shot dead on a family Discount Holidays © holiday in Majorca1, in a suspected gangland killing gone wrong.

Civil Guard officers said the victim was shot dead just after 9pm on Wednesday in the resort of Costa de la Calma in south-west Majorca.

“The person who fired the shots escaped,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the perpetrator did not shoot anyone else. An all-ports-warning and roadblocks are in place in the area. There was no official confirmation the unnamed Irishman, believed to be in his 30s, was the victim of mistaken identity.

But respected island daily Diario de Mallorca said Civil Guard officers were focusing on the theory he had been shot four times in the back outside an empty supermarket after being mistaken for another man because of their likeness. A suspect in a blue hoodie was seen fleeing the scene, although detectives are understood to be looking for two accomplices.

A witness said the man was gunned down in front of his family. The woman, who asked not to be named, said: There was a large group of them, the man who was shot, his wife, four of their children, and other adults including a male friend and two other women.

There must have been around eight to ten of them in all.”

She added: I saw the gunman walk past the shop and heard the shots seconds later before he ran back down the road past the shop towards the beach and a well-known beach bar at the bottom of the road.

It was pandemonium at first. People were screaming and running in all directionsWitness

He had tracksuit bottoms on and a blue tracksuit top with the number 23 in white on the back and the hood on his tracksuit drawn up tightly round his face.

You couldn t really see anything of him because he was so covered up.

It was pandemonium at first. People were screaming and running in all directions.

The wife of the man that was shot had one of their children, who must have been aged around seven, in a pushchair that she was wheeling along when the victim was gunned down.”

The Costa del Sol and Ireland has been rocked by a series of tit-for-tat killings blamed on feuding Irish gangs.


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