Leopard breaks into honeymooners’ hotel room

Leopard Breaks Into Honeymooners' Hotel Room

A terrified honeymooning couple woke up to find a leopard1 in their hotel room in India. The big cat had reportedly smashed a window and entered the room at the Nainital Hotel in the state of Uttarakhand at around 4.30am on Sunday morning, reports the Telegraph.2 See also: Leopard attacks villagers in India3

See also: Girl killed by leopard after being dragged from her bed4 Sumit Rathore, 31, told the Times of India5: “To my horror, I felt something moving on my bed. It was then that I saw the leopard6, which immediately ran inside the bathroom.

Even though I was shocked and scared, I quickly jumped out of bed and locked the bathroom door.” embedded content The leopard reportedly spent two hours in the bathroom as the alarm was raised before escaping through a ventilation window.

Officials had been trying to shoot it with a tranquiliser dart before it escaped on its own. Tejasvini Arvind Patil, divisional forest officer, Nainital, said that the leopard probably came into the town searching for food. “Perhaps it was chased by dogs, as a result of which it came to the hotel,” he said. “Seeing its image reflected in the window, it probably mistook it for another leopard and attacked the reflection thus breaking the window and entering the room.”

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Leopard Breaks Into Honeymooners' Hotel Room

Leopard Breaks Into Honeymooners' Hotel Room


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