Search goes on for missing tourist in Mae Sai cave

Search Goes On For Missing Tourist In Mae Sai Cave

Despite days of searching by several groups, there is no answer to the disappearance of a tourist described as being of Asian descent who is reported missing in a deep cave in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district on Aug 12. (Photo by Chinpat Chaimon)

CHIANG RAI The continued search for an Asian man thought to be missing in a deep cave in Mae Sai forest since Aug 12 has still failed to turn up any sign of him, and rescuers believe he could be dead as they can “smell a decomposing body . The latest search of Saithong cave was carried out by village defence team members and residents of Moo 9 village in Pong Pha subdistrict, the closest community to the cave. It came after park officials ordered the search suspended on Saturday to wait for police to look for the missing tourist in other places in Mae Sai. Village defence chief Boonrang Chomphupor, who led the search, told Daily News Online, ground searchers and divers had so far failed to locate the missing tourist but thought the man was dead because they could smell an odour like that of a decomposing body at the cave s mouth.

He said part of the cave in that area was flooded with about two metres of water after heavy rainfall, which impeded the search. Mr Boonrang said the tourist s body could have been washed along to the cave s mouth by floodwater, given the foul smell that filled the air in the area. Because of the water, his team will survey other routes and discuss new plans before resuming the search, despite park officials suspending their search, he said. Souvenir vendors near the cave alerted park officials that a foreign tourist, aged 50-60 and believed to be either Chinese or Japanese, entered the cave on Aug 12 and had not come out.

The man, who speaks nominal Thai, had parked his bicycle under a tree near a food stall and asked vendors to look after it as he was going into the cave to meditate for a few days. Get full Bangkok Post printed newspaper experience on your digital devices with Bangkok Post e-newspaper1. Try it out, it’s totally free for 7 days.


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