Tech of the week: new bike top picks, new hoops and an £1100 Garmin

Here’s our round up of Cycling Weekly’s hotest tech content from the last week

Tech Of The Week: New Bike Top Picks, New Hoops And An £1100 Garmin

Over the last week, we ve been getting excited about new bikes, with a video look at our five sexiest disc brake bikes of 20171. We ve got another five which we like the look of in the accompanying post. If you re not looking to spend so much, we ve also got our pick of road bikes under 7502 and advice on what to look out for in a bike at this price.

Tech Of The Week: New Bike Top Picks, New Hoops And An £1100 Garmin

Pivot Vault not just for cyclocross

And if you re looking out for the One Bike To Rule Them All3, you might like the 2017 Vault from Pivot Cycles. It s primarily designed for cyclocross, but Pivot reckons it will double up as a road bike as well as tackling gravel.

New hoops and how to look after them

We ve also news of new British deep section carbon wheel brand Parcours Velo4. There are rim depths between 32mm and 86mm with prices between 700 and 800. We ve also reviewed and liked Walker Brothers 58mm deep Wideboy5 wheelset. And if you re looking to fit Vittoria tyres, you ll be pleased to know that the company has announced price reductions6 for 2017.

Watch: aero wheels buyer s guide

Having bought your new kit, naturally you ll want to look after it well. So we ve advice on how to look after your new wheels7. And we ve also investigated the risks to your carbon frame8 and how to minimise them.

Crowdfunding campaigns in abundance

You ll also want to keep your new bike well secured and Hiplok has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a high security bike hanger9. Called the Airlok, it lets you hang your bike from an inside our outside wall, securing it with a hefty lockable steel bolt.

Tech Of The Week: New Bike Top Picks, New Hoops And An £1100 Garmin

Hiplok s new Airlok is a bike hanger with Sold Secure Gold security

We ve also reported on crowdfunding of a new design of tint-changing sunglasses. The CTRL XC sunnies10 use an in-built light sensor to change how dark the lenses are in 0.1 seconds far faster than photo chromatic lenses.

And another Kickstarter campaign has seen the Zwatt power meter11 smash its target funding. Priced at 140, it measures power via strain gauges in the left crank. There s also a spider-based option and both have now achieved ANT+ certification.

And a flashy new Garmin product

Tech Of The Week: New Bike Top Picks, New Hoops And An £1100 Garmin

Flash your Watts with the new Garmin Fenix Chronos

If you ve still got cash to flash after all that lot, there s always the new 1100 Garmin Fenix Chronos12 watch. With a titanium case, it offers activity tracking as well as strapless heart rate monitoring via its in-built sensor and connectivity to your new power meter. This week it s Eurobike, the huge trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, so look out for a stream of tech news and launches.


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