The Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

The Best Time To Book <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Travel


New York City’s Rockefeller Center during the holidays. When it comes to Discount Holidays © holiday travel1, most of us book well in advance over fears that seats will fill up and flight prices will spike. Yet new data from global travel search engine Skyscanner2 shows that this isn’t actually the case in fact, it’s almost the exact opposite. That’s right, throw all of that planning out the window: The highest savings for U.S. Discount Holidays © holiday travel are available no more than four weeks prior to Thanksgiving3, Christmas, and New Year’s.

But that’s not all. The results, compiled from Skyscanner’s more than 50 million users and based on their booking habits for U.S. domestic round-trip travel also show that there are potential savings available to those booking flights the very same week. Here are the best times to book4 around the three upcoming major holidays:


Skyscanner found that October has the best opportunities for savings, with the week of October 17 offering savings of 5.10 percent and four weeks out the week of October 31 offering the highest potential savings of 7.7 percent. Last- minute bookers5, rejoice: You could also find 1.98 percent in savings the same week of Thanksgiving.


Historical data revealed that the best time to book Christmas6 travel is when you’re packing for…Thanksgiving travel. That’s right: The week of November 21 will offer the best deals, with possible savings of 6.41 percent, followed by the week of December 5, with savings of 4.93 percent. Right after you’ve gotten your fill of turkey and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving7 dinner is also prime time for booking, with savings of 2.17 percent the week of November 28.

New Year s

Book New Year’s travel the week of December 5, and you could see savings of 10.57 percent. If you’re one to let spontaneity rule and let’s face it, isn’t that what this holiday’s all about8?

you’re in luck: New Year’s also leans favorably toward last-minute bookings, with 6.72 percent of savings one week before, and 6.67 percent two weeks out.


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