The Strava app has received a major new update, but not everyone’s happy about it

New lighter look is designed to make the app easier to use in daylight

The Strava App Has Received A Major New Update, But Not Everyone’s Happy About It

Next time you fire up Strava1 on your phone you might be in for a bit of a surprise as the app as received a pretty major update that sees it ditch the black and orange design for a much whiter and more minimalist look. Looking much more like the desktop site than it used to, the design of the app has been changed to make it feel more like native iPhone app, transitioning from an interface and buttons that mimic real-world objects to a sleek digital look . Strava also says that the lighter look will make the app easier to see in bright sunlight for those using their phones to record their activities.

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The 5.0.0 update was rolled out yesterday evening to mixed reaction on Twitter, with some complaining that the new look was harder to read and asking for the return of the dark mode, which would be easier to read when riding at night and could use less battery life.

@Strava3 can you please add an option to use a dark mode again please. Light mode is harder on the eyes and uses more battery.

Geoff VaireyUnique (@geoffruns) August 15, 20164

However others were on hand to give compliments for the new design, while still offering advice on where Strava should look to go with any future updates.

@Strava5 Really nice update. Great subtle design work.

Now add more weather data

Martin Kirkegaard (@kirkegaard) August 15, 20166

This is the second major update in just a few weeks from Strava, after the new Beacon feature was added7, giving riders the option to share their locations with emergency contacts.


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