The UK now has a ‘bee hotel’ thanks to Bristol University

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The world’s first ever luxury bee hotel has been built in Bristol. Boffins at Bristol University have been working with experts to create a brand new city of bees. According to latest research by University of Bristol2, more British bee species are actually found in the city as opposed to the countryside.

A large percentage of Britons are also unaware that bees’ pollination contributes to the produce of lots of our fruit and veg. Dr Katherine Baldock from the University of Bristol said: “Bees need two things; food and a suitable nesting site.”

The bee hotel is a complexly designed mini hotel, with luxury features including a Rose Lemonade restaurant offering a feast of pollen and the chance for bees to take a dip in a sugar water bath in the Sweet Rhubarb suite.

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The UK Now Has A 'bee Hotel' Thanks To Bristol University

The hotel itself has been designed using scientific research on what bees are attracted to. The structure is made from balsa wood with hollow tubes in the bedrooms said to be a popular nesting choice. A combination of ultraviolet patterns and relaxation baths are sure to give our bees a chance to relax.

Tim Barsby from BeeBristol said: “Bees pollinate one third of every mouthful we eat and they contribute around 651 million per year to the UK economy.

“It’s defiantly agreed our buzzy friends deserve a UV disco every once in awhile.”

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There has been a dramatic decrease in bee population in recent years along with the extinction of two species in the UK. Kate Halloran from Taylors of Harrogate said: “We want to raise awareness of this issue and encourage everyone to get more deeply involved and help create a network of real bee hotels, starting in their own back gardens.”

The UK Now Has A 'bee Hotel' Thanks To Bristol University

What’s in the hotel?

Peppermint Leaf Swimming Pool: Fresh water fills the Bee-olympic sized swimming pool and decorative flowers and mint leaves help to provide the perfect sanctuary to relax in, after a hard day’s work.

Peppermint Leaf Gym: This high-tech gym comes complete with weights for a full wing work out to help keep fitness levels buzzing.

Lemongrass Ginger Bar: After a hard day’s work the Lemongrass Ginger bar will help to shake your troubles away. Enjoy a drink from the nectar bar before throwing some shapes on the Waggle Dance floor.

Rose Lemonade Restaurant: Enjoy a quintessential feast at the Rose Lemonade Restaurant. Tables come complete with roses and lemonade glasses, with enough pollen for all guests to feast upon.

Spiced Apple Reception: The welcoming Spiced Apple Reception features luxury cinnamon bark banisters.

Staff will use top-of-the-range Apple macs to ensure your check-in is a smooth process.

Sour Cherry Bedrooms: The cherry inspired bed covers, coupled with a daily supply of fresh cherries, is a favourite with solitary bees looking to catch up on some ZZZs.

Sweet Rhubarb Suite: The Sweet Rhubarb Suite is the show-stopper in the Bee Hotel, with Beeyonce regularly requesting to stay.

Whether you’re looking to unwind in the luxurious rhubarb sugar water bath, or party-on into the night in the UV disco room and DJ booth, this decadent suite will blow you away.


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