UK and USA Warns Citizens About Thai Travel During Referendum Week

The United States Embassy today issued a security message to US nationals ahead of this weekend s draft charter referendum in Thailand.

UK And USA Warns Citizens About Thai Travel During Referendum WeekThe message, posted on its website, warns travellers to avoid crowds, expect disruptions and to read Pattaya One. (Ok, it actually said to monitor Thai and international media)

Always avoid areas where there are protest events, large gatherings, or security operations. They said. And follow any instructions and restrictions issued by the local authorities. The security alert noted that Thai officials have heightened powers during this time and the right to search anyone, including foreigners.

Although violence is not expected, they warned, even peaceful gatherings or demonstrations can turn confrontational and escalate very quickly. This alert follows one issued by the British Government this week who advised its citizens that a referendum on the Thai constitution is due to take place on Aug.

7, 2016. Political tensions are likely to increase leading up to, and during the polls. You should avoid political gatherings and monitor the advice of local authorities and local media.

Certain restrictions, such as on the sale of alcohol, may be imposed at this time. You should observe local laws at all times.

UK And USA Warns Citizens About Thai Travel During Referendum WeekThey also reminded us that there was a military coup in 2014 and there is a military government in power, as well as an interim constitution that gives General Prayuth, wide powers to enforce law and order, and restrictions on freedom of assembly and expression.

Before the military coup there were large-scale demonstrations and protests in Bangkok and other cities. Some of these were violent. You should avoid any protests, political gatherings, demonstrations and marches. The British also say, a number of media outlets have been taken off air and some internet sites remain blocked.

It s illegal to criticize the coup and you should be wary of making political statements in public. You should monitor local news and social media for developments. Ok then, we will.

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