Mark Cavendish stops on Tour of Britain stage two to remonstrate with a fan (video)

Mark Cavendish stops on a climb to have words with a spectator during stage two of the Tour of Britain

Mark Cavendish Stops On Tour Of Britain Stage Two To Remonstrate With A Fan (video)

The Tour of Britain1 is a great way to get close up to your favourite cyclists, with the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins2 and Alex Dowsett3 possibly passing within inches of you on the roadside. But one fan got a little closer to Mark Cavendish4 that he was expecting during stage two between Carlisle and Kendal5 as the Manxman stopped at the side of the road to have a few words with him. Unfortunately for the spectator it didn t look like Cav was enquiring whether he was having a good day or enjoying the spectacle of the Tour of Britain, but more like the rider was berating him for doing something wrong.

.@MarkCavendish taking a moment to have a word with a spectator

BIKE (@BIKEchannelUK) September 5, 20168

The television coverage didn t catch what it was the chap did to evoke the reaction from Cavendish some media outlets and people on social media are saying that he was holding a selfie stick9, but on the video it looks like a small flag. Whatever he did, he was looking awfully sheepish when Cavendish was having words with him, so he ll probably not do it again at a cycling race for a while. The Tour of Britain continues on Tuesday with a stage between Congleton and Tatton Park10.


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