The UCI drops the 3:1 tube ratio rule for race bikes

The UCI 3:1 rule stipulates that a tubes depth cannot exceed three times its width. Bike designers have previously had to work within this constraint

The UCI Drops The 3:1 Tube Ratio Rule For Race Bikes

The UCI code 1.3.024 states that the ratio between the length and the width of equipment cannot exceed 3:1 and for years this rule has heavily influenced and restricted bike frame design.

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However, it has just emerged that the UCI has reportedly scrapped this rule. Speaking exclusively to Cycling Weekly, the cycling aerodynamics expert Paul Lew cited that The 3:1 tube rule is gone. At the WFSGI UCI committee meeting on Tuesday it was decided that the rule would be dropped.

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The WFSGI is the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry and is an independent association with no objective of economic character for its own gain. According to Lew, It has been an ongoing discussion in WFSGI UCI committee meetings for two years. We have committee meetings typically four times a year. Lew, who currently works for Edco, added that, the UCI today is really an advocate for the sport and really wants to help cycling more than ever.

The UCI is trying to work with manufacturers to create more enthusiasm in the sport

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When asked the reason as to why to UCI decided to drop the 3:1 rule, Lew described how the UCI has realised that there is a lot of goodwill from manufacturers to advance the sport but in a safe way. In the past there was a concern that manufacturers didn t also have safety at the forefront. When asked what he thought about the rule change, Lew responded as a manufacturer we love it and the fans love it and the athletes love it because speeds will increase. It makes the sport better. The UCI is yet to comment on this.

More to follow.


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