Neck travel wallet and passport holder (RFID blocking) by Walden. Slim and strong black neck pouch with 5 pockets (incl. for phone) and nylon cover. Perfect for men, women, kids.

Neck travel wallet and passport holder (RFID blocking) by Walden. Slim and strong black neck pouch with 5 pockets (incl. for phone) and nylon cover. Perfect for men, women, kids.

  • WORRY-FREE TRAVEL. Barely visible under your clothes, your Walden neck pouch is equipped with extra-resilient straps. Its RFID-blocking technology will protect the data in your credit cards and passport from contactless theft.
  • YOUR PRODUCTS, READILY ACCESSIBLE. Its five compartments maximize the accessibility of your belongings. Your phone, money, cards or tickets are available, around your neck or at your waist.
  • COMFORTABLE AND 100% NOMAD. In contact with your skin, its shoulder strap and breathable mesh back gently caress your skin, preventing irritation and sweating. On the flip side, its rip-stop nylon 300D and water-resistant frame are built to endure the shocks of your nomad life.
  • AN EXTRA-LARGE CAPACITY. Say goodbye to bulky pockets! Two of its compartments can accommodate up to six passports or two smartphones, while the other three pockets will shelter your coins, bank notes, cards and tickets.
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE. Don’t spend one more minute cleaning the stains off your neck wallet. Keep it spotlessly clean by throwing it in the washer 2-3 times a year.

Tired of traveling with bulky pockets?
Looking for a simple and safe way to carry your phone, money, cards and passports with you?

The Walden neck pouch was designed to be the best possible companion to the modern traveller.
✔ YOUR DOCUMENTS, ALWAYS WITH YOU. Its 5 compartments will accommodate your most precious belongings and those of your traveling companions.
✔ SAFE, WHEREVER YOU MAY ROAM. Barely visible under your clothes, your black neck wallet, simple and versatile, also protects your documents against RFID data theft.
✔ TRAVELPROOF. On one side, a soft and breathable mesh that ensures maximum comfort on the skin. On the other, a 300D rip-stop nylon waterproof casing that protects your documents from wear and tear.

Your neck passport and smartphone holder includes:

A fully adjustable and resilient shoulder strap: men, women and children will comfortably carry their most valuable documents. Need extra security? Tie your organiser to your waist using its belt clip, also provided.
An upper compartment to grab everyday items : easily access your cell phone or two passports in this overprotected inner section (velcro + zipper).
A family-size compartment on the side: this is where your neck stash holds up to 4 passports and protects them from RFID theft.
Two compact external pockets : No need for a designer money belt! Your coins and bank notes, your tickets and small toiletries items (sticks, bandages, hand cream, etc.) can be stored here.
A clear, transparent window: Map? Train, bus or plane tickets that you need to regularly showcase? You are covered.
Built in 300D nylon with double lining, providing durable and waterproof protection, equipped with extra-resistant zip with extensions; machine washable.
– Dimensions: 20.4 x 14.2 x 0.8 cm (folded) 26.2 x 14.2 x 0.8 cm (unfolded)

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