Procella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large Tested By Skydivers Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant Black Discount Offer

Procella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large Tested By Skydivers Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant Black

  • YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR GOLF GAME TO THINK ABOUT This is your best protection against the elements
  • NOT JUST FOR GOLFERS A large umbrella that comfortably protects two people and when on leisurely strolls or watching a favorite game.When in the UK you need to have one!
  • BUYING QUALITY Quality is what this umbrella is about. Quality is unbreakable at 46mph – our “windproof”!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS Tradition meets style that makes it an easy gift choice for family and friends
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE Just send us photos of your broken umbrella and we’ll ship you an immediate replacement

Rated Number 1 on Amazon, this is the only golf umbrella you’ll need at the greens. Waterproof and windproof. It is made of a solid fiberglass shaft and framework that is lightning resistant. This tough umbrella opens to a 62″ double vented canopy that lets air slip in and out so you won’t get blown out. It’s almost unbreakable. We tested it in one of the highest wind tunnels in the world for skydivers and it didn’t break or fold up even at 46mph. Its auto open button doesn’t pinch and a non-slip rubberized grip lets you open and hold it with one hand. This is a large umbrella that comfortably covers two people. Take it out on any type of weather and even for leisure walks with your favorite pet. It comes with a carrying sleeve. If it breaks on you, just send photos and we’ll immediately ship a replacement through a Lifetime Guarantee.

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3 Responses to Procella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large Tested By Skydivers Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant Black Discount Offer

  • 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I want to use it even when it’s dry…., 21 Nov. 2016

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    Brollies. They’re pretty boring aren’t they..I mean, they kinda don’t do anything….well other than the obvious…

    Well this Procella umbrella is the exception to the rule.. it’s pretty much the least boring brolly I have ever had. It does what it is meant to do and does it in style.

    Everything about it exhibits quality. From the canvas to the mesh to the fibreglass to the amazing and comfortable handle….Then I opened it…… I have never felt more empowered to get out into a torrential downpour. The speed and smoothness at the touch a button was amazing.

    The span of the canopy is fantastic. it fits me, my wife and our bags without any issues.

    Lastly it’s super strong. I have a fairly brisk walk over an exposed bridge and this brolly hasn’t even been tested yet and it’s been through some serious wind.

    My only criticism….and these are not issues just my preference….
    1. The straps which hold the brolly closed are quite long and dangle over the edge of the canopy…this does not suit my ocd.
    2. It has a plastic ferrule, which I am not a huge fan of. No problem if you are using only for golf but don’t use it for walking and forget or your ferrule will be scuffed and dented.

    All in all this is one umbrella I cannot live without. Buy it, use it and I promise you will love it.

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  • 8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic; lightweight but very effective, 24 Mar. 2016
    Bookie (UK) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    Golf brolly

    This golf umbrella is, quite simply, amazing. I live in a coastal and therefore very windy area. Regular umbrellas often struggle with wind and I’ve given up using them. Golfing umbrellas tend to be cumbersome and heavy and older ones can be a struggle to open and close. This one is perfect. I bought a blue and white striped one and it looks really colourful.

    It’s packed in a blue sleeve and the first thing I noticed was the handle. It’s a very comfortable shape to hold and it has a soft, slightly rubberised feel, so it’s not slippery when wet. The next thing I noticed was that it’s surprisingly light for the size…and it’s huge when open! It’s not the kind of umbrella that feels like a lead weight after a few minutes of use. When removed from the case, the. Canopy folds are held neatly and securely in place by two blue wraparound straps.

    I took it outside to open up; what a delight. One easy push on a button near the handle and it opened, quickly and smoothly. It was so easy I was compelled to play with it for a few minutes! No effort is required to close it either. The mechanism seems really slick. I used the brolly this morning in a strong wind and driving rain. I can’t believe it actually kept me dry and that I was able to walk without having to walk sideways or backwards to avoid the strongest wind gust. Somehow, the wind seems to bounce round it and it’s so big, it kept me dry enough not to need a change of clothes when I got home. That’s amazing. I really like this brolly. It’s a top quality item at a very reasonable price. I already have plans to use in in hotter weather over a garden seat where sometimes a little shade would be welcome. This will be just the job to provide that shade. In addition to a great product, I found the company supportive and helpful and I’d certainly be inclined to try other products in their range.

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  • 6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Outstanding umbrella. Really like this one!, 5 July 2016
    KM (Liverpool) –
    (No. 1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

    I was kindly sent this golf umbrella by Porcella for review purposes at no cost to myself. I have been using it weather permitting (and how it has permitted!) for over two months now!

    I have uploaded a few photos of the brolly to show the ribs, venting, handle, size and colour.

    Without beating about the bush I think one word will sum up this brolly. Wow! Sometimes something comes along that stands out from the many products you come across. This is one of those items for me.

    Sizewise it’s 39 inches long (handle to tip) and a massive 62 inches wide! It’s huge!

    I recieved the white&green one which looks brilliant.

    First thing you notice is that it is solid in the hand. The build quality here is first class in every aspect in my humble opinion. Fastened by two velcro straps – take these off and press the button on the handle to ‘pop’ this brolly open. Make sure you make room though as it is big and does pop out with a bit of force.

    At 62 inches wide it’s a biggun! Well enough room under here for two people and the canopy does come down plenty to protect you (and another) from the elements.

    The canopy is double layered with a venting system that allows wind to blow through the canopy so it isn’t ripped out of your hands on a windy day. It works too!

    The opened canopy is held open by carbon fibre ribs which are again really well made and very strong. No thin weak parts on here. It’s all very well manufactured indeed.

    The handle is easy grip and comfortable therefore avoiding hand fatigue as much as possible.

    In use –

    Brilliant! I’ve used this quite a few times lately and one day last week it hammered down here in Liverpool city centre. I had to walk around a few theatres picking tickets up and this brolly was a godsend keeping me dry in torrential rain.

    The other stand out feature here is that it’s pretty lightweight for it’s massive size! I personally found it easy to carry around popped open for over two hours. Easy to put down by presing the same button and pulling down with your hand until you feelhear a click – it’s now locked down so you can wrap around the velcro straps. There’s even a lightening proof tip on it. Job’s a goodun!

    Definitely one of the best brolly’s I’ve ever used. Great build quality – strong in every aspect – carbon fibre ribs – a massive 62 inch canopy – lightweight and it just looks good too!


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