VanGoddy Women’s Modern Pallia Business Top Handle Hand Bag (Lavender Lush)

VanGoddy Women's Modern Pallia Business Top Handle Hand Bag (Lavender Lush)

  • Paneling-inspired design complete the stylish exterior of this case
  • Extra large pockets allow you to store all your necessities inside at once
  • Woven stitched frame ensures this bag will last while still looking great
  • Satchel strap allows bag to turn into a messenger satchel bag at a moments notice
  • Vivid colors create a professional yet stylish finish

Modern yet classy for the business woman inside of you, keep all your essentials close by inside our VanGoddy Pallia Women’s Satchel Handbag. Designed to securely fit all your necessities comfortably inside, you’ll never need another handbag again. With a paneling inspired design and a woven stitched frame, this handbag is the perfect companion for any occasion. With multiple pockets to store everything you’ll ever need, you’ll never feel like you’re missing anything with this bag around. Included is our satchel strap which turns this bag from a handbag to a messenger satchel bag for any situation. Finally, with a nylon padded interior, a scratch free interior is almost guaranteed. Stylish and professional with a slim silhouette, the handbag goes great with any attire you might have on. So show off and leave your worries behind with our Pallia Women’s Satchel Handbag by VanGoddy!

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