USA Flag Bandanna It’s Independence Day 2017! USA Stars & Stripes Bandana! 22.5″ x 22.5″ ca. 57cm x 57 cm Bandana! / Bandana! / Pañuelo! Polyester for Celebrating American Heritage! Patrimoine! / Erbe! / Eredità! / Patrimonio! Discount Offer

USA Flag Bandanna It's Independence Day 2017! USA Stars & Stripes Bandana! 22.5

  • GREAT GIFTS! Know someone who enjoys celebrating Labour Day? This colourful USA Stars & Stripes Flag Bandana is the perfect anytime present! Memorial Day, 4 th July…and of course Labour Day! This flag measures 22.5″ length x 22.5″ height and is made out of durable polyester! USA Flag Bandana, ideal for a household in any neighbourhood of any country to have a piece of the United States right in their own wardrobe…or wrapped around the top of their head!
  • PATRIOTICALLY COLLECTABLE! When we say “Patriotic”, we mean it! Bandana graphics feature prominently iconic image of Old Glory, displaying white stars against blue background in upper left-hand corner. Alternating red and white horizontal stripes representing the 13 original U.S. Colonies! Vibrant colours! A must have for any worldly bandanna enthusiast! Ideal for adding to your collection of bandanas from around the world. Display your American Pride across your forehead!
  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR OFFICE! This USA Flag Bandanna complements any type of cranium; bald, brown-haired, red-haired, the possibilities are endless! Great for Halloween when you want to dress up as a professional wrestler! Also great for Labour Day gatherings, which span the U.S. from states such as California to Nebraska and even New Jersey! Expatriates love stylish USA Flag Bandanas dotting their heads! We think that USA Flag Bandanas are a neat educational tool for geography students!
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES! Reliable packaging keeps flag safe and allows it to arrive in wearable, wrinkle-free condition! Bandana’s dimensions are 57 x 57 x 0.5 cm! This educational USA Flag Bandana offers students detailed image of familiar, modern American Flag! Bandana is extremely popular among Olympians, geography teachers, proprietors of Midwestern truck stops and ski lodges! Use Bandana as a conversation starter to talk about American beer and apple pie!
  • 100% GUARANTEED! We understand that sometimes a return is a necessity, and for your shopping convenience we offer no-hassle returns. Simply contact us if you are dissatisfied and we will make you a happy customer, no questions asked. All products are 100% GUARANTEED!

This beautifully crafted USA Flag Bandana features a detailed, colourful image…we didn’t know American heritage could be emboldened so well! Perfect for decorating your scalp, but you can also use it as a tourniquet! We love this USA Flag Bandanna for beginning collectors as well as advanced hobbyists! Bandana is lightweight, portable and easy to fold or unfold! Makes the perfect accent to denim and work boots. So worldly, yet so relevant to 4th of July or Labour Day 2017! Beautiful USA Flag Bandanas can be very difficult to find! Sensibly packaged with product longevity in mind, this headgear will not disappoint: we like them as anytime gifts for the Americana aficionado. We know you’ll love this patriotic USA Flag Bandana! Bandannas will never go out of style! Collectable, USA Flag Bandana made with material and workmanship that is built to last! Great for Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, even Happy Hour…the list goes on and on! We know you’ll be “flagged” for your American pride!

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