YPS Cute Bull Horn Beanie Cap Handmade Knitted Crochet Viking Beanie Bumper Bargins

YPS Cute Bull Horn Beanie Cap Handmade Knitted Crochet Viking Beanie

  • Material: ultra soft woolen yarn
  • Head circumference: (baby)38-48cm/15″-19″, fits 0-3 years old baby child, (adult)50-56cm/20″-22″
  • Sturdy & handmade, perfect for warm winter wear, Stretchy material ensures snug fit on all hair types
  • Adorable baby/adult gift idea for the Discount Holidays © holiday season, also suitable for baby or parenting costume, photography props
  • One size fits most, depending on the head size, please double check the size details before buy

YPS treats every client with sincerity!

100% Brand New And High quality 
Package Includes: 1 x baby hat/ 1 x adult hat/ 1 x baby hat + 1 x adult hat
Material: ultra soft woolen yarn
Head circumference: (baby)38-48cm/15″-19″, fits 0-3 years old baby child, (adult)50-56cm/20″-22″

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any question, we are responsible sellers and value every customer. 

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- More Info

Wire cutter Suitable for Round cable C.K. 484006

Straight blades 45 mm. Extra slim grip with Abrutschschutz.

With protective cap for the blade.

- More Info - EAN: 5051074840066

VDE Screwdriver set 7-piece C.K. Slot, Phillips

Ergonomically designed handle with rotating hollow cap for optimum control of the rotating movement even with the smallest torques · High-quality chromium-vanadium steel shaft for extraordinary strength and durability · Custom-fit tips for exact adjustment and damage-free turning · VDE certified - individually tested with 10,000 V for safe working up to 1,000 V/EN 60900. This text is machine translated.

- More Info - EAN: 5013969244427

Bernstein 4-393 Watchmaker screwsdirver set Size (screwdriver): 00

Blades: chromium-vanadium steel, browned; Issue: brass, nickel-plated, with rotating finger cap.

- More Info - EAN: 4250838504379

Bernstein 4-371 Watchmaker screwdriver Blade width: 1 mm

Blade: chromium-vanadium steel, browned; Issue: metal, nickel-plated, with rotating finger cap.

- More Info - EAN: 4250838504225

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