Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live!

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Thomas Bjorn lifts the Ryder Cup! He allows himself a broad grin as the trophy is hoisted into the air, while his players bounce around in the rhythmic style. He gives the old pot a kiss, then hands it to Sergio, the greatest European scorer of all time. Then it's passes along to Paul Casey, Tyrrell Hatton, Tommy Fleetwood, Francesco Molinari, Rory McIlroy, Thorbjorn Olesen, Alex Noren, Ian Poulter, Jon Rahm, Justin Rose and finally Henrik Stenson.

Huge cheers as everyone takes their turn to wave the Ryder Cup[12] about! And a real sense that this team looks out for each other, and enjoys each other's company. It's a glorious denouement to a marvellous week at Le Golf National!


Then the USA team file across to shake the hand of every member of the victorious European side, and shuffle off. Europe then take up position on the podium, waiting to lift the trophy and bounce around like champagne-fuelled maniacs. Which is their right after three days of amazing golf. But first, a word from Bjorn, who says he is planning a holiday. "This moment is unbelievable.

These guys have been phenomenal. For it to come out this way, I couldn't have dreamt it any better. I am proud of these 12.

We have played some great golfers, a great American team, and a great captain. I am proud as I can be ever."

[14] The losing captain Jim Furyk is up first, and addresses, in turn, the crowd, his team, Thomas Bjorn and Team Europe. "This was the greatest venue, basically the greatest stadium, all of us on both sides could play in.

I want to thank you all. I love these 12 guys, I respect them, they ground it out today. They showed a lot of grit, determination and heart.

I'd take these guys on my team any day, I love you all man. Thomas, you did an unbelievable job. No matter how much pressure we put on you, you always responded.

You deserve it, congratulations!"

[15] The ceremony's going to take place on the 18th green. It's got more of a Champions League final presentation feel about it, the players hanging around informally waiting to get their hands on the trophy, as opposed to the slightly more formal stage, lectern and chairs set-up of yore. To ramp up the end-of-soccer-final feel, the MC for the event is former Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and France winger David Ginola.

Right you are.

[16] The closing ceremony takes place in a few minutes. So stick around!

[17] So this is how it ended: Europe 17 1/2 -10 1/2 USA. Comprehensive in the end.

But the Americans had Europe worried for a bit back there, huh? McIlroy v Thomas 1UP
Casey A/S Koepka
Rose v Simpson 3&2
2&1 Rahm v Woods
Fleetwood v Finau 6&4
2UP Poulter v Johnson
5&4 Olesen v Spieth
2&1 Garcia v Fowler
4&2 Molinari v Mickelson
Hatton v Reed 3&2
5&4 Stenson v Watson
1UP Noren v DeChambeau


Final score: Europe 17 1/2 -10 1/2 USA

Noren beats DeChambeau 1UP. DeChambeau's putt is conceded. Which leaves Noren with a 40-footer to make birdie, halve the hole, and win his match.

It unlikely ... but the left-to-right slider goes into the middle of the cup, and seconds later he's engulfed by team-mates! As they leap about in glee, even Jordan Spieth, greenside, can't help but laugh. That might become the defining moment of this Ryder Cup[19], you know.

It was worth waiting for!

[20] From the centre of the fairway, DeChambeau pitches his second to 18 inches! That's one of the shots of the entire week! That's a birdie, and chances are he'll be getting a half point, because Noren's miles from the pin in two.

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They're going down the last. Of course they are. DeChambeau needs to win the hole if he's to avoid the fate of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, and end the week without making any contribution at all to the USA total. 1UP Noren v DeChambeau (17)
EUROPE 16 1/2 -10 1/2 USA


Rory speaks! "It's incredible. We took a tough loss at Hazeltine a couple of years ago, and that stung, it was my first experience of what it's like to be on the other side. None of us want to fee like that on a Sunday afternoon.

The players have been great, the rookies have been phenomenal. We've stuck to our job. One of the great things is, we've all contributed points.

Jon Rahm got a point today, Thorbjorn got a point today, I'm delighted for them. And it validates what Thomas has wanted to do. It's a culmination of two years' hard work.

He's been incredible, in constant contact with all the guys who were in the team and on the periphery. It's been a love-in for the last week. One of the great things about Ryder Cups is that you forge friendships that last a lifetime.

And I think a few of those friendships have been forged this week."

[23] DeChambeau's not smiling any longer when he sends his tee shot at 16 into the water. But he wedges close from the drop zone, and makes the bogey putt. Noren can't make his par, and there's a fair chance this'll end up going down 18.

Think of it as bonus golf. Everyone loves bonus golf.
1UP Noren v DeChambeau (16)
EUROPE 16 1/2 -10 1/2 USA


A sad but sporting Jim Furyk speaks. And some very classy words too. "I'm proud of these guys, they fought. There was a time when it looked as though we had a chance. We put some heat on Europe in the first five or six matches.

We scrapped it out. But hats off to Europe, they played well again. They turned it around, and looks as though they'll win the session.

So hats off to Thomas, he was a great captain, and his 12 team members played very well top to bottom. So congratulations to them. We'll regroup and move forward.

I'm really proud, I love these 12 guys, I'm proud to serve as their captain, and I had five of my closest friends as vice-captains. It was a group effort. You just have to tip your cap, we got outplayed and Thomas was the better captain."


There's still one match out on the course. Nobody cares too much about it. Noren just wants to join in the celebrations; a grinning DeChambeau has taken to conducting the crowd as they sing about Sergio. 1UP Noren v DeChambeau (15)
EUROPE 16 1/2 -10 1/2 USA

Ian Poulter of Europe wearing a red post box costume Photograph: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

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EUROPE 16 1/2 -10 1/2 USA

Reed beats Hatton 3&2. Captain America secures a consolation point for the Americans with birdie on 16, after a lovely tee shot to three feet.

He spins round and shushes the crowd, before breaking into a wide smile, applauding the gallery and congratulating Hatton on Europe's victory. That was a lovely self-deprecating joke from the Masters champion.

[27] Here's the snap take on Europe's victory!


Sergio, Europe's all-time number-one Ryder Cup[29] scorer, speaks! "I don't usually cry but today I can't help it. It's been a rough year. So thankful for Thomas to pick me and believe in me.

I am so happy, so happy to get the cup back. It's about the team., and I'm happy I was able to help. It was one of those years when nothing seemed to happen.

But I've never had so many big cheers as I've had this week. They had a hell of a team, but it shows how good we are too."


Europe 16 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Sergio beats Fowler 2&1. The pair share 17 in par ... and the resulting point means Sergio Garcia has won more points than anybody else in Ryder Cup[31] history! His haul of 25 1/2 beats Sir Nick Faldo by 1/2 .

social media[32]

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Europe 15 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Stenson beats Watson 5&4. He closes out his match, halving 14 in birdie.

He's congratulated by Bubba and Webb Simpson, and then is handed a cup of rose champagne. He deserves to drain that, but he can't because someone sprays him in the face with another bottle! Marvellous scenes!


Now ... you can say that someone sending a shot into water is a bit anti-climactic compared to a winning putt. And you may have a point. But consider: Molinari's registered the winning point ... and in doing so, becomes the first European in Ryder Cup[35] history to win five out of five points! He shakes off the sticky booze and speaks: "This means so much more than majors.

It's hard not to get emotional, it's been an incredible week. They had the strongest team ever, it's so good!"

Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live! Team Europe's Tommy Fleetwood celebrates with spectators after Europe win the Ryder Cup Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

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Europe 14 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Molinari sends his tee shot at 16 pin high, 25 feet away. Mickelson, the USA on the edge, dunks his tee shot in the water! And he offers his hand to Molinari, who wins the match 4&2!

He's immediately drowned in champagne. What an end to the year for the Open champion!

Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live! Francesco Molinari of Europe celebrates winning The Ryder Cup Photograph: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live! Francesco Molinari is greeted by the crowds Photograph: Dave Shopland/BPI/REX/Shutterstock Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live! Team Europe captain Thomas Bjorn celebrates with Francesco Molinari Photograph: Carl Recine/Reuters

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[37] Europe will win the 2018 Ryder Cup! Nothing's official yet, because the matches have to be completed before the points are registered.

But they only need one more point. And Molinari-Mickelson is dormie three, Stenson-Watson is dormie five, and Sergio has just won 16 after Fowler found more water; he's dormie two. It's done, but not yet dusted.

2UP Garcia v Fowler (16)
3UP Molinari v Mickelson (15)
Hatton v Reed 2UP (14)
5UP Stenson v Watson (13)
1UP Noren v DeChambeau (13)
EUROPE 13 1/2 -9 1/2 USA


Europe 13 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Poulter beats Johnson 2UP. Johnson nearly drains his long birdie putt, but it shaves by the hole, and Dustin doesn't want to see Poulter's putt. He shakes the Ryder Cup[39] living legend's hand, and the Postman delivers a precious point. Europe are on the brink of reclaiming the Ryder Cup!

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Sergio can't make his putt. Hole to Fowler, who sliced into water off the tee. What a business. Oh Sergio!

Meanwhile DJ's wedge into 18 only just makes it over the water. He's got an uphill putt over a ridge from 30 feet. Poulter meanwhile eases a stunning wedge to 12 feet.

The grandstand at 18 erupts accordingly. And on 13, Bubba makes a street-fighting par, but it's a half, and Stenson is dormie five. 1UP Poulter v Johnson (17)
1UP Garcia v Fowler (15)
3UP Molinari v Mickelson (14)
Hatton v Reed 2UP (14)
5UP Stenson v Watson (13)
Noren A/S DeChambeau (12)
EUROPE 12 1/2 -9 1/2 USA


Fowler drops by the water at 15 and sends his third not particularly close. Sergio sends his fourth to 15 feet from the drop zone. Rickie nearly drains his long par putt; the pressure, ludicrously, is on Sergio to make a putt to salvage a half. Meanwhile Stenson is on 13 in two, with Bubba in a little trouble.


What's this, though? Fowler had found water off the tee at 15 ... and now Sergio sends a weak approach into the briny, letting his opponent back into the hole, and maybe the match. Oh Sergio! That is absurd!

Speaking of absurd ... Poulter outdrives DJ on 18! Both in prime position though.


Nope! The tension gets to the very best of them. Poulter's short one horseshoes out. They'll go up 18, though at least Poulter can't lose.

Meanwhile Bubba is in awful trouble all the way up 12, handing yet another hole to Stenson; Hatton birdies 13 to cut Reed's lead to two holes; and Molinari birdies the par-five 14th to move three up on Mickelson, whose brief mid-round revival looks to have been for nothing. 1UP Poulter v Johnson (17)
2UP Garcia v Fowler (14)
3UP Molinari v Mickelson (14)
Hatton v Reed 2UP (13)
5UP Stenson v Watson (12)
Noren A/S DeChambeau (11)
EUROPE 12 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

[44] DJ pulls his lob wedge out. He also removes the flagstick.

But his dinky little chip is never likely to drop. It slips to the right, and that's a par. Which leaves Poulter with a putt to win the match from seven feet.

He prowls around it awhile. Is the Postman about to deliver yet another point?

[45] It's beginning to slip away from the USA. Fowler sends his tee shot at 15 into the drink down the right.

He's really up against it now, with the noggin gone. Can DJ pull something out of the bag at 17?

[46] Spanish players and the Ryder Cup[47], eh? Rahm allows himself a tear of joy; his victory means every single European has contributed a point.

Nothing for poor old Tiger. What a difference a week makes. Meanwhile on 17, DJ sends his drive into the thick rough.

He can only send his second through the back, unable to get any control. Poulter is on in two, with a decent birdie opportunity. And a hole won by Sergio ... or rather lost by Fowler, who hacked his way up 14.

Whisper it, but it's beginning to look a whole lot better for Europe now. They just need two points to reclaim the cup, and they're up in four matches and level in another. 1UP Poulter v Johnson (16)
2UP Garcia v Fowler (14)
2UP Molinari v Mickelson (13)
Hatton v Reed 3UP (12)
4UP Stenson v Watson (11)
Noren A/S DeChambeau (10)
EUROPE 12 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Europe regain Ryder Cup with 17½-10½ victory over USA – live! Jon Rahm of Europe celebrates winning his match Photograph: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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Europe 12 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

Rahm beats Woods 2&1. Tiger nearly trundles in a chip from off the front of the green, but DJ's just used up the USA's miracle.

It flies four feet past, and Rahm makes his birdie putt to seal the deal! What an amazing hole of golf he's just played: a monster drive, a delicious chip, and a firm putt into the centre of the cup! And all that after a miserable short one missed on the previous green!


Oh this is totally outrageous by Dustin Johnson! Having conceded the 15th to go two down, he's left himself a 60-footer for birdie on the par-three 16th. And for the second time today, he's drained a monster! Poulter must wonder what on earth is going on!

He's now left with a 20-footer for a half ... and he leaves it out left. Just the one hole in that again! 1UP Rahm v Woods (16)
1UP Poulter v Johnson (16)
1UP Garcia v Fowler (13)
2UP Molinari v Mickelson (12)
Hatton v Reed 3UP (11)
3UP Stenson v Watson (10)
Noren A/S DeChambeau (9)
EUROPE 10 1/2 -9 1/2 USA


Tiger's drive at 17 flies into the deep stuff down the left. Rahm blooters a massive, 360-yard tee shot down the middle ... and it could be enough to close out this game, because while Tiger can only smash out of the rough towards the front of the green, Rahm is able to wedge pin high to six feet!

1UP Rahm v Woods (16)
2UP Poulter v Johnson (15)
1UP Garcia v Fowler (13)
2UP Molinari v Mickelson (12)
Hatton v Reed 3UP (11)
3UP Stenson v Watson (10)
Noren A/S DeChambeau (9)
EUROPE 10 1/2 -9 1/2 USA

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