HOLIDAY HIRING: 'Tis the season for to look for a job

TIS THE SEASON TO LOOK FOR A HOLIDAY JOB! Thanks to a booming economy, it's an employee's job market and the outlook for Orlando is good. "We have record numbers of visitors visiting us so we need a lot of support in our tourism hospitality industry in particular, and continued support in retail," says Pamela Nabors, the President and CEO of CareerSource Central Florida.
The worker shortage is motivating retailers to beef up their staff and roll out the extra perks.

Target is hiring 20% more holiday workers and adding another £1 to their hourly wage, to £12 an hour. UPS is hiring 100-thouand workers for the holiday season. Macy's plans to hire 80-thousand seasonal workers for in-store and online services.

And the new Amazon fulfillment center near Orlando is proving to be a great source for holiday jobs across the board.
"That fufillment center, although it's e-commerce, is definitely supporting the labor market, says Nabors. So you don't just have the traditional retail hiring in a store, you now have workers supporting e-hiring like delivery drivers." So what do you need to land that holiday job?

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