13 places to visit in December for every type of traveler

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

  • To find the best places to visit[1] in December 2018, Business Insider looked at climate data, cultural calendars, and peak travel times.
  • December offers all kinds of travel experiences, from unforgettable Christmas and New Year's celebrations to relaxing getaways on tropical islands.
  • The best places to visit in December include the "Hamptons of South America," a European capital filled to the brim with Christmas markets, and the rugged wilderness of Australia's southernmost state.

As December nears and the year draws to close, travelers are looking for the site of their last big vacation. Thanks to the popularity of Christmas and New Year's Eve vacations, December is often one of the most expensive months of the year to travel to the world's tourism hotspots. Whether you want to indulge in the holiday festivities or escape to a sunny island paradise, there are endless options for travelers in December.

We looked at airfare trends, climate data, and worldwide cultural calendars to select 13 vacation spots that should be on your radar for a December vacation.

They include a glitzy resort town in Uruguay that's called the "Hamptons of South America," an icy European wonderland filled with Christmas markets and holiday cheer, and the rugged wilderness of Australia's southernmost state.

Take a look at the places we recommend for a December trip, and plan away.


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