Best all-inclusive holiday deals and expert tips to find an unbeatable package break

There’s nothing like an all-inclusive holiday[1] for ultimate relaxation – not to mention it can make for a bargain trip if you make the most of what the resort has to offer. After all, they offer a round price per person, including accommodation and food, and, if done well, can save you a fortune on alcohol prices and dining out. It’s never too early to start planning your next getaway, and often this can help you nab the best deals too.

However with so much on offer, it can feel somewhat daunting to book the Discount Holidays © holiday that’s right for you. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve created a handy guide on everything from some of our favourite deals and sales, as well as insiders’ tips on bagging the best bargain. What’s included?

  • What an ‘all-inclusive’ usually includes
  • Where to find all-inclusive Discount Holidays © holiday deals
  • When is the best time to book
  • Insider booking tips
  • Extra Discount Holidays © holiday inspiration

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What does ‘all inclusive’ include?

These package breaks usually include all or some of the following, each break will specify what’s on offer, but it’s always advised you read the small print.

  • Entertainment in the hotel, e.g. comedy nights

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner (lunch may not be included)

  • Snacks through the day (eg fast food, ice cream)

  • Local wine, beer, spirits and soft drink brands

  • Sports on the hotel grounds

  • Gym and swimming pools access

  • Children’s club (if there is one)

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Where to find all inclusive Discount Holidays © holiday deals

Most of the major airlines and travel agents offer all inclusive deals, however, there are a select few that are known for their packages such as TUI[2], First Choice[3] , Thomas Cook[4] and Virgin Holidays[5] .

If you’re booking last minute, see’s all inclusive late deals.[6] Discount Holidays © Holiday websites worth checking out:

  1. Club Med[7] currently has deals on all its all-inclusive holidays for Summer 2018 including Portugal, Florida and Morocco. Click here for the full details[8] .

  2. Thomas Cook has some great last-minute deals[9] , as well as offers on their Summer 2018 offerings.

  3. TUI[10] and First Choice[11] have an impressive Summer 2018 offering – and they’re always running some brilliant offers[12] .

  4.’s special offers[13] always has top deals on package getaways – from around GBP280. All are based on two people sharing.

  5. Teletext Holidays[14] : you’ll be suprised at some of the best deals, and you have the option to pick from their ‘all inclusive resorts’.

  6. On The Beach[15] is also great for family breaks, and all hotels share a Tripadvisor traveller rating.

  7. Mercury Holidays[16] has a whole host of glamorous destinations on offer at budget-friendly prices whether you’re looking to explore Greece or soak up the sun in the Maldives.

  8. easyJet Holidays[17] can be a great source for cheap flights and accommodation whether you’re after a last-minute break or looking to plan ahead.

  9. TravelSupermarket[18] can be a handy tool for comparing prices for your chosen holiday – plus it also suggests alternatives for the same budget so you could find a 5-star hotel within your price range.

Best all-inclusive <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> holiday deals and expert tips to find an unbeatable package break

When is the best time to book?

The earlier the better.

If you know where you’re going and when, well in advance, book early and take advantage of early booking bonuses and sales. Book in advance, and you’ll also have your pick of resorts and dates – perfect, if you’re going away with the whole family. If you’re booking last minute, try and go for at least four weeks before.

Leave it too late, and you risk prices going up.

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How to find cheap flights

Top 4 all inclusive tips with[19]

Best all-inclusive <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> holiday deals and expert tips to find an unbeatable package break

  1. Check what drinks are included. You might be limited to local wine or spirits and depending on your location these might not be to your taste. So whilst beer is often charged separately you may think it’s worth it.

  2. Are you going on an activity based trip?

    If so, find out what’s actually included. For example, whilst you may have access to water sports you might find that you have to rent the equipment which will then raise the cost of your holiday!

  3. As you’re going all-inclusive it’s tricky to know whether or how to tip. Tipping varies from country to country, but if you do want to thank a member of staff, tip them in person rather than at the reception desk so you can personally show your thanks.

  4. The temptation with an all-inclusive deal is to think you have to indulge in everything all the time as you’ve already ‘paid for it’.

    Remember, there’s always tomorrow.

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Extra Discount Holidays © holiday inspiration

Looking for more ideas for your next holiday?

We’ve got you covered no matter what Discount Holidays © holiday type you’re after, or budget…

Correction: a previous version of this article contained links to Monarch and Low Cost Holidays, which no longer operate, so these have been removed from the list.


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