I stumbled across a Mediterranean island few Americans seem to know about, and I'm convinced it will be the next …

Petra tou Romiou, pictured, is one of many beautiful beaches in Cyprus.Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider[1]

  • Traveling to most Mediterranean destinations[2] can be expensive, busy, and crowded.
  • When looking for a cheap vacation in the Mediterranean this past summer, I stumbled upon the island of Cyprus. Even during the peak of summer, I was able to get a cheap flight and reasonable hotel with little notice.
  • The island nation has the many charms that Mediterranean tourists are looking for, such as fresh, local seafood, pristine beaches, and ancient ruins, though few Americans visit.
  • After spending a week there in July, I’m convinced it could be the best vacation hotspot Americans aren’t visiting yet.

Most Americans heading to the Mediterranean to vacation usually end up in the same places: Greek islands like Mykonos[3] or Santorini, Italy, Croatia, or, more recently, Portugal[4]. While all those destinations have their charms — who doesn’t want to go on a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik? — they’ve undoubtedly become tourist traps, with overbooked hotels, overpriced restaurants, and beaches and sights packed with cruise-shippers and holiday-makers in the summer months.

This past summer, as I was looking for a cheap flight[5] in Europe, I stumbled on the island of Cyprus. The flight there was a fraction of a similar flight to Mykonos and I had no trouble booking a reasonably priced hotel even a week before the trip in the middle of summer. The country is a well-known vacation destination for British and Russian tourists[6], but few Americans visit the island.

To be honest, I can’t figure why. Cyprus offers many of the Mediterranean charms that makes places like Mykonos or Croatia attractive — fresh, local fish, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins — at a fraction of the price. And that’s before you get into the breathtaking natural landscape that spans from lush mountains to a salt lake.

For those looking for a taste of classic Mediterranean life[7] with a Middle Eastern flair, Cyprus is the place to go.

I went on an impulsive decision, and I’m so glad I did.

Here’s what it’s like:


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