Social media influencers aren't actually influencing your holiday decisions

Our Instagram feed[1] may be full of shiny, saturated images of travels we could never afford but that doesn't mean the influencers are actually affecting our travel choices. In fact, a recent survey suggests that social media influencers and celebrities[2] are the least trusted source of travel recommendations.

Asia-Pacific travellers are unlikely to trust celebrities with their travel picks. Photo by Volanthevist/Getty Images

When it comes to planning a trip, travellers are most influenced by online booking or travel sites, or from word-of-mouth recommendations, followed by online reviews by other travellers.

While general content found on social media[3] did have some affect on people, celebrities and influencers were right at the bottom even behind old-fashioned brochures. The findings are from a report entitled "Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific travellers want" which surveyed nearly 7000 travellers across 14 different countries in the region. With such a diverse range of places, it's unsurprising that there are some wildly different outcomes, but there are some general statistics that do prove interesting.

Social media influencers aren't actually influencing your holiday decisionsThat carefully curated Instagram post may be nice to look at but it mightn't persuade you on your travels.

Photo by Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock

By far, the recommendations that travellers want the most is how to save money (37%), while 29% of people want ways to make travelling more comfortable. This is closely followed by ways to ensure they don't miss any essential sightseeing stops. Only 2% of Asia Pacific travellers want to disconnect completely while on vacation.

However, their reasons for wanting to remain connected are generally related to travel; the most popular reasons are to access maps and other location information, share pictures and to let family and friends know they're safe.

Social media influencers aren't actually influencing your holiday decisionsRecommendations from friends are amongst the most trusted.

Nomad/Getty Images

64% of travellers are happy to trade their data with travel providers in term for better personalisation, although this does depend on their home country.

80% of Indonesians regard themselves as being open with their data while just 31% of Japanese travellers do.

Older travellers are also more likely to be happy to share their data.


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