11 Ways To Save Money On Travel During The Holidays

While you may sleep at your family’s house over the holidays — NBD — you may choose to stay elsewhere. To save the most money possible, Scarlett says to think outside the box. “If you can’t (or don’t want to) stay with family, and don’t want to shell out for Discount Holidays © holiday season rates at hotels either, take a look at peer-to-peer accommodations,” Scarlett says. “Chances are, people in your destination are leaving for the holidays themselves and have opened up their home to travelers while they’re away.” She says a bonus of this is having a kitchen at your place, which helps reduce food costs.

You can find a place on Airbnb[1], VRBO[2] (Vacation Rentals By Owner), or Booking.com[3] — either for yourself or for yourself and another Discount Holidays © holiday guest — but you can also look at other options. “You can save big by staying in a micro hotel, which gives you a place to rest your head — and not much else,” Scarlett says. “But due to the small size of the rooms, these hotels can provide lower rates in excellent city-center locations.” She says they also often have trendy and chic furnishings and communal spaces. Meanwhile, you can add to your travel budget by Airbnbing your bedroom or apartment/house over the holidays, too.

Some places have Airbnb restrictions, so make sure it’s legal first.

All in all, though the holidays seem to be an expensive time of year, especially when it comes to travel, they don’t have to be.

By utilizing the above tips, you can put the money you save into savings — or even future trips — and that seems like a perfect gift to give yourself for the holidays.


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