5 great Superfam holiday stories

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman[1] had a few Christmas episodes and they are all highly worthwhile for fans of the weird collision of Superman-style naivete and ’90s era cynicism that was this TV show[2], but the very best episode was “Season’s Greedings.” A toymaker and his secretary are fired by a toy company and so they decide to create really unappealing rat toys filled with chemicals that make children very greedy and make adults act like children. It might not have been a well thought out plan, but it is a plan, and they are dedicated. The actors that play the villains here are the beloved Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford, primarily known for their roles on The Jeffersons.

Straight up – George and Weezy Jefferson, only if they were Superman villains. These two stick to their previously established dynamic to a T, but if George had been highkey evil the whole time. Lois and Clark start acting like children and fighting over toys, and I’m reasonably certain that filming those scenes was the most fun Hatcher and Cain ever had on the show because they really go for it.

Their boss Perry White almost ruins his relationship, and Jimmy Olsen steals everyone’s presents from the Secret Santa. The toymaker pours chemicals into Metropolis’ drinking supply, but it’s fine because… actually, I don’t know why it’s fine. It was stunningly easy to pull off, and poisoning the water supply of an entire city is a crime that you would get extremely punished for unless you were… most corporations that exist in the United States.

Anyway, everyone is pretty forgiving of the whole thing, mostly because the plan fails and because orphans show up for a while and that warms everyone’s heart. Let’s face it, in fiction, orphans pretty much exist to bring more privileged people together at Christmas. Also, Denise Richards is in this episode.

I’m just saying. She plays ’90s Jimmy Olsen’s love interest. Like most love interests, her job is basically to be shockingly, unreasonably, logic-defyingly interested in Jimmy Olsen, who was especially boring during this era.

For that reason alone, she is a hero.


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