Holiday Fund: Maria's story: Not letting diabetes win

By Rachel Tarantino, development associate at Ravenswood Family Health Center

At Ravenswood Family Health Center (RFHC), our patients’ health is our first priority. We work diligently with our patients to address their medical conditions and to achieve their health goals. RFHC staff work hand-in-hand with patients, providing them the tools they need to become empowered individuals and to take control of their health.

Maria has been a patient at RFHC for more than a decade.

After being hospitalized with pre-diabetic complications, Maria underwent lab tests at RFHC. Her results indicated that she was diabetic. “(When) they told me I had diabetes, I said ‘wow’ and I felt (shocked),” Maria says.

Maria’s RFHC nurse practitioner worked with her to manage her diabetes by prescribing her medication, a glucometer, and test strips. Maria’s RFHC health educator also provided her with informational resources to help her manage meal portion sizes and eat balanced meals.

With the support of her RFHC care team Maria made significant changes to her lifestyle. She began to drink more water, incorporate more vegetables and fish into her diet, and exercise regularly.

After a year of lifestyle and dietary improvements, Maria has been able to regulate her diabetes so effectively that she no longer needs to rely on medication. With a big smile on her face, Maria is proud to say that now “we will only work with food and diet control, and I only have to see (my nurse practitioner) every six months!” With the help of her care team at RFHC, Maria has controlled her diabetes successfully and has learned the tools to help her live a long and healthy life.

You can support the health goals of patients like Maria.

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