Story Mansion celebrates its history with holiday open house

[embedded content] BOZEMAN, Mont. – Story Mansion held its Discount Holidays © holiday open house on Sunday, displaying Christmas decorations and celebrating the historic preservation of the building. Typically the Mansion will host a Discount Holidays © Holiday Victorian Tea Party, but this year the group Friends of the Story wanted to offer a free event.

There were cookies and hot chocolate for anyone who came and a variety of decorations. Jane Klockman was an integral part of making sure the Story Mansion was preserved and not used for development. She said the open house gave an awesome opportunity to Friends of the Story to be able to inform the public about the mansion and efforts for preservation in the future.

“I mean this is something that I am totally devoted to, is keeping the character of our city intact,” said Klockman. “At the same time modifying it to the extent that you can have growth, but absorb it in a slow and orderly way and not go overboard.”

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