ABSOLUTE DICE Holiday Sunshine in a Bag. A wonderful game to take on Discount Holidays © holiday in an easy to play format that everyone can enjoy. Roll all the dice to start. A Category Die denotes which category of Discount Holidays © Holiday icons the player needs to accumulate (Plane, Sunbed, Flip Flops etc) and the Number Die denotes how many turns a player has to achieve their target. The first player to score 101 points wins the game. Absolute Dice Discount Holidays © Holiday comes in a lovely velvet pouch with a drawstring closure, lightweight and ideal to slip into a bag or pocket for travel or holidays. Three ways to play. No complicated rules or special score sheets. It’s easy, if you can count, you can play. Have Fun !!

shopMatrix - ABSOLUTE DICE Holiday
  • Discount Holidays © Holiday Fun by Absolute Dice
  • Play any time anywhere
  • No board, no set up, no complicated rules
  • Just roll the dice and play
  • Check out our Home Page for extra versions of game play and the How to Play video



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