AA Essential Spanish Deluxe

AA Essential Spanish Deluxe If you have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, AA Essential Spanish Deluxe is the perfect tool to have you reading, writing and speaking Spanish in no time at all. The 3 CD-ROM set covers all the essentials of learning a language, and with a pocket sized phrase book you can learn away from your PC too.

A complete and effective way of learning all the fundamentals of the Spanish language!

Speaking – Practise you speech with hundreds of interactive exercises. Answer questions and practise words to complete games and you’ll soon be speaking like a native.

Listening – Listen to native French speakers saying thousands of words, phrases and sentences to help perfect your pronunciation and help you to be understood!

Conversation – Have fluent, interactive conversations, in real life role-play scenarios and improve your pronunciation with the 550 sentences and 15,000 words available. You can even check your dialogues by playing them back.

Vocabulary – An in-built glossary is only a click away, so you can easily check the meaning of thousands of words.

Reading – Learn to understand the written word with fun exercises like ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ and ‘word association’. You even have the option of seeing the words in English if you’re struggling.

Writing – Get written experience by writing creative pieces about different pictures.

3D Phonetic Animations – 3D animations demonstrate the correct movement of your mouth and lips for each phonetic sound.

Pronunciation – With state-of-the-art speech recognition technology your voice will be recognised, assessed and any mistakes will be corrected. Simply us the waveform and ptch curve displays as visual aids to improve your pronunciation and intonation of words and sentences.

Lesson Report – Keep track of how you are progressing and where you need to improve.

shopMatrix - AA Essential Spanish Deluxe
  • 3 Disc Set
  • 8 Lesson choices
  • 1,000+ Exercises
  • 8,000 Word glossary
  • 3D Phonetic animations
  • Full-screen cultural videos
  • State-of-art speech recognition
  • Progress chart and diary
  • Also available AA Essential Italian, AA Essential French. With a pocket sized phrase book so you can learn while away from your PC too

AA Essential Spanish Deluxe


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