Holiday In The Sun [DVD]

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday In The Sun [DVD] The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, return for another adventure. This time the pair are upset to find they can’t go to Hawaii with their friends, but they soon cheer up when they discover that they are bound for the Bahamas instead. The lucky twosome have the time of their life – enjoying the sun, surf, and sand, and even chasing after a couple of cute boys – but trouble appears in the form of a pair of crooks who are intent on stealing some antiques.In Discount Holidays © Holiday in the Sun, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (playing twins Alex and Madison) are whisked away to the Bahamas in a private jet by their pilot dad, though they are initially disappointed to be missing their class trip to Hawaii (just what high school do these girls attend?). But the 15-year-olds recover upon meeting up with their mum on the sunny tarmac, checking into their own suite at the Atlantis resort, and getting acquainted with some cute boys on the island.

Parents may see this 88-minute movie as one long advertisement for the Paradise Island resort, with the constant mentioning of its name and endless showcasing of its attractions. But kids, particularly girls ages 7 to 12, will get a kick out of Alex’s rivalry with the rich superwitch Brianna for marine worker Jordan’s affections. Then there’s the updated Cyrano storyline, with Dad’s business partner’s son Griffen coaching dim-but-likable Scott on how to win over Madison. Throw in an antiquities smuggling subplot, some dolphin hugging, horseback riding, and wave running and you’ve got some fairly innocent entertainment augmented with frothy tunes by teen group up-and-comers Play, Empty Trash (featuring vocals by the twins), The American Girls, and Noogie. —Kimberly Heinrichs,

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Discount Holidays © Holiday In The Sun [DVD]


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