Prestatyn's Lyons Nant Hall say they are back on top after scoring low food hygiene rating

A WEDDING venue which vowed to improve say they are now back on top after their food hygiene rating dropped to one star. Grade II Listed Lyons Nant Hall Hotel in Prestatyn was inspected in February. Efforts have now been made by the venue, previously always given five stars, to improve standards.

A spokesperson for Lyons Holiday Parks said Nant Hall, which houses 11 rooms and a restaurant, had been revisited by both Environmental Health and Health and Safety. "We have been advised that we are now at five standard once again," he said. "We are just waiting for the website to be updated.

Our rating of one was purely due to structural issues, which were identified due to the age and historic nature of the building. We have previously always been given five stars, however due to changes in the way that venues are graded."

The venue was rated one after inspectors found a number of areas were "in a poor state of repair". A spokesperson from Denbighshire County Council said that Nant Hall had been re-visited, but had not been given a floor assessment for a new score. "At the moment, the score of one remains in place," they added.

"Some improvements have been made there." A food inspection report obtained by the Journal detailed a hole in the ceiling to the external store, evidence of damp to the ceiling; some flooring lifting away from walls, large gaps throughout food handling areas as well as flaking paint. The report also stated: "The following areas were not being cleaned and/or being disinfected effectively [seal to the chest freezer, internal surfaces of the chilled units, edges of tiled flooring to the walk-in chiller].

There is a significant amount of cobwebs between the walls of the walk-in chiller and the walls of the building and this has not been designed so that it can be easily cleaned. "There is limited access to the wash hand basin in the main kitchen; furthermore, due to the siting of the deep fat fryers and the food preparation table. "There are numerous chopping boards that are heavily scored.

A food premise including equipment, articles and fittings that come into contact with foods are to be kept in such good order, repair and condition. "There is a significant leak to the Rational with water pooling beneath it and around it, the electric cable is lying on the ground in the water and the condensation is affecting the condition of the ceiling. Additionally, this is a slip hazard.

"At the time of the inspection, it was noted that you had some monitoring records i.e. temperature records, cleaning records, delivery records including suppliers; however, there was no documented food safety management system.

You must make sure that you put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure based on the HACCP [Hazard analysis and critical control points] principles."

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