Campaigners rubbish noise limiting plan at proposed children's holiday centre near Northallerton

RESIDENTS have vowed to battle to the bitter end to stop a proposal to transform a historic mansion in a quiet village into a 550-bed children's holiday centre, despite being promised noise levels will be minimised. Campaigners said while residents in villages south of Northallerton[1] were "thoroughly sick" of fighting youngster's breaks specialist PGL's scheme for Newby Wiske Hall , it would be vital villagers displayed the strength of their opposition when Hambleton District Council's planning committee reconsiders the scheme later this month. The rallying cry from Newby Wiske Action Group (NWAG) follows the council publishing its latest report on the scheme, which includes a noise management plan by PGL that aims to use "all appropriate measures" to minimise the generation of noise on the 14.5-hectare site.

The officers' report recommends the plan is approved, stating the public benefits would outweigh other concerns. It states the proposal now features a "quiet zone" where no children would be allowed extending 60m from residents' properties on the border of the former North Yorkshire Police headquarters site. The report states alongside a spectrum of outdoor activities during the day, children would be offered further activities, such as games called Ambush, Capture The Flag, Splash and Wacky Races, as far as possible in the grounds from the homes until 9pm.

The report states: "Each session would be led by a PGL staff member and another supervising adult charged with ensuring that guests are managed appropriately. "The participants in the activities would be mainly from schools and are a part of a local community and therefore are used to ensuring respect for neighbours." David Stockport, of NWAG, rubbished the noise management plan, saying it featured measures such allowing grass to grow longer and building an earth bund.

He said: "The whole thing is outrageous, it's totally in the wrong place.

People moved here because it was tranquil and that will end."


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