History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1

Harry Hastings’ History Heroes is an educational and competitive card game designed to encourage the learning of historical facts. Each of the 42 cards depicts a different monarch or important historical figure from 1066 to present day. A player wins a card when they can identify the monarch from a picture or fact from their competitor.

The game is won by the person who holds the most cards after a certain time or who captures all the cards from their opponents! History Heroes is designed for use in the classroom, the playground, the car and the home. It is unique in its presentation of facts which allows the game to be enjoyed by all age groups.

The cards are differentiated so that there are easy, medium and hard facts and there are 6 games to play in total. History Heroes is beautifully illustrated by the well-known cartoonist Bill Stott. Review My daughter aged 13 said this game is ‘very good for finding facts for history projects and very fun for history lovers’.

I (mum-Jenny) think the game is very well illustrated but very difficult for children under 10 years old (maybe it depends on their knowledge though). My daughter gave the game our score of 10/10! –JSL, Mumsnet Review

This card game based on the rulers of England is a great travel toy – beautifully illustrated by Bill Stott and compiled by Sussex-based history teacher Harry Hastings. It’s playable on all different levels with six games in total ranging from Top Trumps – based on length of reigns – for younger children, to guessing the king/queen/protector based on a few hints. –Catherine H, Mumsnet Review Read More …

  • A fun & educational card game about 40 of the greatest Scientists from Archimedes to Stephen Hawking on their own, beautifully illustrated cards
  • A pocket-sized quiz game OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY THE SCIENCE MUSEUM to play on Discount Holidays © holiday or at home.

    Win the cards by guessing the facts read out on them about some of the most famous scientists in history

  • A great, award-winning, family game MADE IN THE UK for all ages from 8 – 80+ to play together
  • Test yourselves and discover who made history how and when: over 1000 years of how science changed our world in one little box
  • Choose your level of fact from green to red: easiest to hard.

    Make the game gentle and educational..or viciously competitive!

PRICE: 9.99
MODEL NUMBER: Scientists Heroes

History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1
History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1History Heroes: Scientists Card Game: 1

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