Packing Cubes for Travel, Luggage and Suitcase


1PRO is a home and lifestyle brand and our mission is to bring a sense of practicality, affordability and high quality to everyday life.

Our 6-piece set of compression packing cubes for travel, luggage and suitcase helps remove the stress out of packing, leaving you with an organised suitcase, backpack or travel luggage wherever you go. Whether you’re looking for suitcase packing cubes, luggage packing cubes, a packing organiser, a packing cube set, or general suitcase cubes, 1PRO can provide for your needs with our 6 cases / compartments. The organizers and pouch can be used to store & compress your pillow or other goods when you are on holiday, camping, or backpacking.

They can also be used to store accessories, essentials, small packing cubes, bottles, baby & kid products, and are suitable for both men and women. The luggage cubes for packing are great suitcase dividers, toiletries protector, fabric protector, laundry storers, travel pouches, case organization, rucksack organisers, garment carriers, and help pack or organize your drawer in motorhome cabins. The luggage bags for packing make an ideal gift (or gifts)!

1PRO Packing Cubes – Product Specification:

?1 x XL Packing Cube: 45*35*9
?1 x L Packing Cube: 35*35*9
?2 x M Packing Cube: 35*26*9
?1 x S Packing Cube: 30*20*9
?1 x Tote Bag: 40*30
?1 x 1Pro Travel Guide eBook

1PRO Packing Cubes – Key Product Features:

?High quality waterproof nylon outer combined with breathable mesh to keep clothing fresh
?Anti-tear mesh material
?Extra strong twin stitching throughout to ensure durability
?Unique ‘X’ design to help clearly identify packed items
?Fully robust zips and zip pulls
?Reflective pipping on the outer of every packing cube
?Free 1PRO Travel Guide eBook

Colours include Pink, Blue, Orange and Grey Read More …

  • ?

    1PRO PACKING CUBE OVERVIEW: Our 6-piece set of travel cubes has been fully engineered to ensure organisation, comfort and durability across all forms of travelling and packing. The high-quality set includes 1 x XL packing cube for suits and jackets; 1 x L packing cube for jeans, trousers and jumpers ; 2 x M packing cubes for dresses, shirts and t-shirts; 1 x S packing cube for underwear and socks; and 1 x Tote Bag.

  • ?1PRO PACKING CUBE ENHANCEMENTS: Resilient, practical and innovative by design, our travel packing cubes can ensure it delivers on value for money without compromising on quality. Luggage cubes in the set are all manufactured with: First-class waterproof material combined with breathable mesh to keep clothing fresh.

    Made from ripstop honeycomb material with extra strong stitching. Unique ‘X’ design to help clearly identify what you have packed and fully robust zips and zip pulls.

  • ?1PRO PACKING CUBE – MORE THAN JUST STORAGE: 1PRO packing cubes have been designed to cater for all forms of travel and are fully functional as: packing cubes for suitcases, packing cubes for backpack, packing cubes for small luggage, packing cubes for large luggage, home storage, compression storage and draw organising. All travel packing cube come in a variety of modern colours (Pink, Blue, Orange and Grey/Silver), so you can coordinate with your suitcase, backpack, or travel luggage.
  • ?WHY YOU NEED A 1PRO PACKING CUBE: Keeping your luggage, suitcase, backpack or wardrobe organised can often be an unwanted chore when leading a busy lifestyle.

    Our 1PRO packing cubes for suitcases take the hassle out packing by keeping those essential travel items together, orderly whilst ensuring no space is expensed. Whether traveling by foot, on a cruise or by a plane, 1PRO travel cubes for packing will be your essential travel companion no matter the destination or activity.

  • ?FREE 1PRO TRAVEL EBOOK+MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Beyond our 6-piece set of packing cubes for travel, you will receive a free E-book, giving you our definitive list of top travel tips and destinations for 2019. We believe our packing cubes has been designed and developed to the best of quality and industry standards.

    If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our packing cubes for suitcases, we will offer a replacement or full refund within the first 30 days.

PRICE: 16.99
WEIGHT: 581 g
COLOUR: Name: Orange GBP16.99 GBP16.99 GBP16.99 GBP16.99

Packing Cubes for Travel, Luggage and Suitcase – 6 Set Travel Packing Cube
Packing Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and SuitcasePacking Cubes for Travel, Luggage and Suitcase

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