TSA Approved Locks – Pack of 2- UK Brand

Twin pack of TSA accepted 4 digit combination locks by CONTROLLED SECURITY

The CONTROLLED SECURITY luggage lock offers a safe, secure and serious solution for protecting your luggage, lockers and personal belongings. Our 4 digit combination, ultra tough zinc alloy dial lock is the perfect addition to your Discount Holidays © holiday and every day essentials! Not only will our locks secure your personal belongings, the TSA will be able to securely check your luggage, without breaking the lock from your baggage.

This will result in your luggage staying secure throughout your it’s onward journey. This will result in you not having to replace locks damaged or broken by security services that have to inspect luggage.

You are not restricted in the applications of the CONTROLLED SECURITY luggage lock. Our luggage locks are the perfect solution for the following:

-Rucksacks, handbags, back packs and all luggage types.
-Securing lockers at gyms and in the work place etc
-Absolute travel essential for everyone!
-Ideal gift for everyone!

The 4 digit dial combination offers increased security over the flawed 3 digit locks that are currently available and our zinc alloy material offers a robust detterent for anyone trying to gain access to your personal belongings!


  • 4 DIGIT COMBINATION LOCK BY CONTROLLED SECURITY – Our 4 digit combination luggage lock offers more security than your standard 3 digit locks that are currently on the market.

    Protect your valuable and belongings by using the Controlled Security TSA Approved Luggage lock.

  • TSA ACCEPTED LUGGAGE LOCKS – Our Locks have been made in compliance with TSA standards which allows the TSA authority security access to your luggage without breaking your lock. If and whenTransport Security Officers want to access your bag then they can use a secure key to open the lock and relock it when they are finished.
  • MULTI USE – The Controlled Security 4-digit combination padlock is not restricted to just luggage. Use your Controlled Security combination lock for home, school, gym lockers/bags, work lockers and many more.

    If it needs securing, the Controlled Security combination lock is perfect for you!

  • HIGH QUALITY – Our Combination locks are made from ultra tough zinc alloy, meaning that only those with the combination or the TSA with their approved security key will be able to open your lock. Travel safe in the knowledge that Controlled Security has you covered!
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- Take advantage of Amazon Prime for next day delivery! CONTROLLED SECURITY is a BRITISH BRAND and our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

    We are the brand YOU can trust.

TSA Approved Locks – Pack of 2- UK Brand – Premium Quality Luggage Locks by CONTROLLED SECURITY.

4 Digit Security Padlock for Suitcases, Rucksacks, Gym Bags, Lockers and Many More!
TSA Approved Locks - Pack of 2- UK BrandTSA Approved Locks - Pack of 2- UK BrandTSA Approved Locks - Pack of 2- UK BrandTSA Approved Locks - Pack of 2- UK BrandTSA Approved Locks - Pack of 2- UK Brand

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