How I met my Valentine

SEEING as it's Valentine's Day, we thought we would spread a little bit of love and asked readers on our Facebook page how they met their partner. Some of your responses made us giggle and others made us say 'Aw' but one way or another this collection of stories is sure to make you smile.  There's still time to contribute if you want to share your tale, just click on the form at the bottom of this story

Zoe Selby: "I met my now husband 26 & a half years ago on his 21st birthday party, a little worse for wear in Zig Zags night club...he had his eye on me for a while, so all his mates grabbed me & gave him their birthday present ( off me). "That night he told his family he met the woman he was going to marry....we are happily married coming up to 19 years & have 4 gorgeous girls...( 22 17 years 11 & the youngest 10 years old )"  Chris Nicola Simpson: "We met in Mr Smith's in 2001.

It will be 20 years next year. We're married now with 3 beautiful girls ,?Happy Valentine's Day everyone ?" Simon Martindale: "It was Thursday night around twenty past eight.

"I was out with the lads in town. Having consumed 12 pints dancing seemed a good idea. "Using the best motor skills i could summon I weaved my way across the mahogany floor Travoltaesque.

One of the gents mentioned it was my round. "Astonished I staggered backwards and stood on something soft. "Turning around to see what I had stepped upon a vision of 12 pint induced beauty greeted me with a swift punch to the stomach and the words "that was my toe you clumsy ****"
The rest as they say is history...

Julie Peters: "Plenty of fish!!!! Together nearly 6 years, married for nearly three ????? xx Mary Anne: "I met my lovely husband on a flight to New York and at the age of 61 we got married in Central Park."

Karen Wernham: "We worked at different police stations, we went on a date, and said we would go on a date again but not rush it...

4 weeks later we got engaged, we were going to go to Gretna Green month after but brother rumbled us, parents asked us to wait a year and have a white wedding and if it's meant to be it's meant to be...

15.6.96, 24 years married and wouldnt swap him for the world." Margaret Clarke: "I met my better half at Warrington General while we were nursing 44yrs ago." Amy Timmins: Met Via Instagram, while he lived in France.

He come over to Manchester as he is a rugby player to play via an English team an met him for a drink. "Then he asked me to come to France for our first proper date. And I was there two weeks later for 3 months.

He's now followed me back to England after 5 months of knowing him. (This was three years ago) Tony Crawford: "On CB radio and then married her on 14.2.1987 and still together." Paula Bellass: "On Holiday in Torquay, Devon; married 36yrs this year.. who says holiday romances don't last."

Christine Bradley: "Ha well here goes I was splitting up from my son's dad,( long story) was out with the girls a male family friend and his mate were in the Feathers, they were dancing messing around, we were sat, and he Mark Wolstencroft got a bit close, so I bit (yes bit) his bum. "He persued me to couryards,we got on, nothing happened then after my ex moved out ,we started seeing each other. "19 years later we're still together and we've been through a lot.

"We're not perfect but perfect for each other." Debbie Wilson: "I met my now husband when we were kids. "We lost touch but 37 years later though Facebook we found each other again and got married nearly 3 years ago."

Jo Williams: "Singing in the then local karaoke league. "I'm a Warringtonian, moved to stockport as a kid - started a local team and ended up judging. "He was one of the singers on the team I was judging and the rest is history.

"We now live in Daresbury together and am trying to set up a league in warrington but struggling to get people involved."

How did you meet your partner?

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