ARSUK Cat’s Eye Marbles, Glass Marbles, Comes in a bag, Protection against damage, Sports Toys & Outdoor (200pcs Milky Marbles)

ARSUK Cat's Eye Marbles


  • CONTENTS: 200 pieces of wonderful design and assorted milky glass marbles with the same size and colour comes in a net bag inside a white cardboard package.
  • QUALITY: Our all marbles are brand new high-quality smooth rounded craftsmanship design with coloured texture without a crack. After making marbles, it has been polished very carefully.
  • PURPOSE AND USE: These marbles are classic retro gift for school Kids as educational aids which helps children to grow with a creative mind and intellectual. These can also be used for traditional indoor-outdoor marble games and other purposes such as home decoration, gardening, swimming pool design etc.
  • SIZE AND COLOUR: Each marble has a specific craft design of red, blue, yellow and green colour with Dimension 15-16 mm with total weight for a bag is 1kg (Approximately).
  • USERS: Our beautiful looking marbles are usable for the ages of 3+ to adult.

Product description

Colour Name:200pcs Milky Marbles

☑ Our milky glass marbles are machine-made with the traditional design trapped inside, with multiple canes of colour trapped in the centre. This is the marble design that most people remember from when they were kids.
☑ This Beautiful looking colour glass marbles could be used for games which could be given as Christmas or Birthday gift to the Kids from their school teachers or parents. It could be used for other purposes such as for crafting, home decoration, gardening, educational aids etc. Also, this is ideal toys for children and adult for indoors and outdoors games.
☑ It is easy to play and very beautiful to look at can be described as party marble. It is very portable and easy to carry, comes in a net bag well protected by a wonderful white cardboard box/Package.
☑ Each marble has a specific craft design of red, blue, yellow and green colour which has been polished very carefully during manufacture. These marbles are manufactured with premium tempered glass material for highly durable use.
☑ Our milky glass marbles are safe from very high temperature, chemical stability and harmful gases.
☑ It is a high-quality toy set accessory fromARSUK.

Warning:Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as small parts may present a choking hazard.

Color:Milky Colour
Material:Tempered glass
Dimension:Approximately 15-16 mm
Weight:Approximately 1kg (200 pieces)

200 x Milky Glass Marbles

Please Note:We are providing on high-quality products at the fair price; if you are unsatisfied with our product, Please contact us and you can return to our warehouse, no risk.

First Available: 9 April 2017
SKU: B01M34X83K
Dimensions: 14.2 x 11.8 x 6.2 cm
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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