10 must-know travel blogs to inspire your next holiday

OK, so it might be a while before you can stop dreaming and actually set off on your next adventure. But it doesn't stop you planning! Here is our pick of the 10 must-know travel blogs in 2020.

Whatever your bag, they'll make you want to pack it and go...

1. Lone ranger?

If you're travelling solo, check out the Adventurous Kate blog. Kate McCulley has been travelling the world for nine years.

One of the best must-know travel blogs for women who want to travel safely but adventurously, it's fun and informative. Sample post from Kate: 'Dear Amazon, We're Breaking Up. It's not me.

It's You.'

2. Culture vulture?

Emily Luxton Travels is Wanderlust magazine's Travel Blog of the Year. So far, Emily's visited over 40 countries across five continents and likes to go slow to soak up the local culture - high and low.

With blog posts from 'The Glasgow Mural Trail' to 'That Time I accidentally went on a date in Nicaragua', this is one of the most popular travel blogs for culture vultures.

3. Retired roamer?

LifePart2 is an adventure travel blog from Jonathan and Sarah. These two independent baby-boomer travellers met up in Thailand then continued their globe-trotting journey together.

They aim to inspire other retirees to experience life to the full through enjoying everything the world has to offer. Check out their philosophy on retirement.

4. After hidden gems?

The motto of Dan Flying Solo is 'getting lost in places/meeting new faces'.

Going off the beaten track and meeting the locals helps Dan find tucked-away delights. And this makes it one of the top must-know travel blogs for those searching for unique locations.

5. Adventure junkie?

The Adventure Junkies blog began with a three-year cycle trip from San Francisco to Argentina, made by Amanda and her future husband Antonio Cala.

Now it's developed into a community and practical resource for anyone looking for epic adventures in the great outdoors. Dive in with all the info on scuba-diving around the world.

6. Sailing away?

Followtheboat charts the adventures of travel writer Liz Cleere and photographer Jamie Furlong, along with their rescue cat Millie.

The three of them have been sailing the world on board their sailboat Esper for 14 years. You can almost smell the sea breeze... To transport yourself to a tropical paradise read about 'the island that thinks it's a sailboat'.


On a budget?

The Bemused Backpacker believes that travelling the world and having awesome adventures can be done independently, cheaply and easily. The blog is full of helpful advice and amazing experiences for the lone traveller without much cash to splash. This is a gem among must-know travel blogs for backpackers of any age.

And there's plenty of fun to be had, including an inspiring 'tail' of the cat that saved the Bemused Backpacker's life in Cairo.

8. Dog-lover?

Looking for advice on taking your furry best friend along on your adventure? Then top of the list of must-know travel blogs for you could be Global Grasshopper.

This award-winning travel blog from Becky and some fellow 'self-confessed travel snobs' offers great photography, guides and stories. Plus there's a whole section on dog-friendly travel. Have fun finding out how to give your little dog a pet's-eye view in his own canine car seat.



Girl Eat World is a delicious must-know travel blog for foodies, from fellow gourmet Melissa. She's based in Singapore, but loves eating and travelling the world. Her main focus is Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

She offers simple but comprehensive guides, and where to eat is given properly serious consideration. For a flavour, try her guide to Osaka, Japan, with a visit to the Cup Noodles Instant Ramen Museum a must. Obviously. 



If you're a traveller who wants not just to see the world but to save it, one of the foremost must-know travel blogs is Green Global Travel. Bret Love and Mary Gabbett believe that eco tourism is an adventure that can change lives. Here's just one example of a post that's both practical and inspiring - on plastic-free packing.

Before you go...

We hope you're inspired by our 10 must-know travel blogs!

Enjoy planning your real-life getaway, and don't forget to check out the best travel credit cards for your future journey.

Meanwhile, the last word should go to the post from Green Global Travel on 30 ways to travel the world without leaving home.

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