Cyprus offers to cover cost of holidays affected by coronavirus



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For the first time in decades, an overnight stay on the Cycladic isle jewel of Santorini will become affordable - even if industry figures say health protocols have added heavily to running costs.  "There'll be some discounts of between 15% to 25% to make resorts more attractive," said Antonis Iliopoulos, the president of local hoteliers. Occupancy rates on the volcanic island, long blighted by overtourism, are between 5% and 10% in late June. 

The party isle of Mykonos, whose prices last year surprised even the super-rich, is reportedly offering entire villas to rent for significantly low prices. Across the Mediterranean, industry figures concede that ultimately all eyes will be on Germany this year. The nation's habit of holidaymakers moving south in the summer months, combined with Berlin's relatively successful containment of Covid-19, has raised hopes - and with them ever more extravagant package tour offers. 

With Tui and other tour operators already aggressively promoting Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Portugal, hoteliers across the sea are hoping for a share of German tourism.


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