Drone footage of Southend seafront shows packed beaches (but with social distancing!)

THOUSANDS of daytrippers appeared to respect social distancing guidelines as they lined the town's beaches yesterday. Temperatures as high as 25C sent residents and daytrippers heading to Southend for a Bank Holiday on the beach. The rise in visitors saw "security staff" being deployed to patrol the seafront in an attempt to stop anyone going against the advice to remain at least two metres apart from those not living in the same household.

Queues formed at seafront business serving food and drink and the toilets, but those who headed to the beach continued to follow the guidelines outlined by the Government due to the coronavirus pandemic. Adventure Island earned praise after opening toilet facilities despite the theme park being closed due to Covid-19. Andy Barnes, who runs Air Fly Drone Solutions, said: "There were packed beaches, although people seemed to be social distancing, coping with restrictions and being sensible.

"Southend Council were out in force to help, which seemed good. "A really nice touch was despite being shut and taking no money, Adventure Island did their bit by opening up toilets and cleaning facilities to the public and putting security on to help the public."

Security patrolled along the seafront as Southend Council looked to ensure government guidelines were followed. Martin Terry, Southend councillor responsible for community safety and customer contact, said: "We redeployed council staff wearing high-vis jackets. We also got beach patrols from Chalkwell, safety officers and security officers as well.

"There were more people on the beach, but that was expected due to it being a Bank Holiday with good weather. "Although there were a lot of people on the beach, the most important thing is that they stick to the Government guidelines and remain safe." Drone footage of Southend seafront shows packed beaches (but with social distancing!)

Despite Adventure Island opening toilet facilities to the public, some refused to join the queues. Labour councillor Matt Dent was concerned after hearing reports of some visitors choosing to urinate on the beach despite toilet facilities being open. "I spoke to a couple of guys along the seawall and they said they had seen people urinating on the beach," said Mr Dent.

Drone footage of Southend seafront shows packed beaches (but with social distancing!) "There were long queues for the toilets, but they were open and there would be queues on a normal Bank Holiday whether there was a pandemic or not. "We want people to be as clean and sanitised as possible.

"I am sure urinating on the beach is something that wouldn't take place if there wasn't a pandemic.

This type of thing takes on extra significance in the current situation and it does concern me."

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