The best films on TV today: Bank Holiday Monday, 25 May

Suburbicon, Kong: Skull Island, The Inbetweeners 2. More

It's Bank Holiday Monday, the perfect time to catch a movie on the telly. Get stuck into some tap dancing glee, affable fur-balls and female led western revenge as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Bank Holiday Monday, 25 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Black swan-thinking baseball scout and young economist fly in face of convention to turn around failed team in true story Moneyball 9:10am Sony Movies

Sidney Poitier witnesses the dogged, Ahab-esque determination of a submarine captain in pursuit of his enemy in The Bedford Incident 12:45pm Sony Movies Action

Bullied boy and outcast girl find amity as they dream up an imaginary world in bittersweet tear-jerking wonder Bridge to Terabithia 2:25pm Sony Movies

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Compulsive tap dancer falls for antagonistic Brit in Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's wondrous screwball musical comedy Top Hat 2:50pm BBC Two 

Stranded in exploded lunar lander, astronaut trio must science their way 200,000 miles home to earth in spectacular, astonishingly true story Apollo 13 3:45pm ITV4

Truly awful father and his precocious son bond and battle over pugilistic robot in bull-boxing mecha-melee feel good fun Real Steel 4:20pm Sony Movies

Kong: Skull Island (Credit: Legendary Pictures) More

Vietnam vets and sly scientists explore hidden land of MUTO monsters and mega mammals in helicopter hurricane heaven Kong: Skull Island 6:40pm ITV2

Teen zombie film makers witness spectacular derailment and alien escape in exceptional, emotive 80s feel cubic mystery gem Super 8 6:45pm Film 4

Temporal tuning hat enthusiasts try to persuade Matt Damon to avoid Emily Blunt in Monsters Inc-esque sci-fi romance The Adjustment Bureau 6:50pm Sony Movies

Mistaken for burglar, hairy marmalade licker flees pink-clad-prison to involve family in train robbery in pure delight Paddington 2 7:00pm BBC One 

Immune to inadvertently engineered extinction pandemic, Will Smith and canine companion stalk ruins of New York only to become the monster of monsters I Am Legend 8:00pm Sky 1

Pursued by sword-wielding believer, space cowboys discover conspiracy to cancel Firefly two years too late in Joss Whedon's Serenity 9:00pm Horror Channel

Seeking Aussie sex, misfit mates find their pool-puking, koala-punching, pastafarian provoking inner anger song in The Inbetweeners 2 9:00pm E4

Ex-firefighter brings the VanDammage to terrorists during Ice Hockey finals in mascot killing chopper fireballing fun Sudden Death 10:00pm ITV4

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Amid town's racist mob hysteria, boy witnesses mother's murder and disintegration of family in slow burning social study Suburbicon 10:00pm BBC Two

Lawyer's family is stalked by cheek-biting, unhinged monster of his own making in Scorsese's queasy, nerve shredding gem Cape Fear 11:15pm Sky Atlantic

Love triangled Natalie Portman petitions estranged ex to prepare for husband hunting siege in I.E.D. utilising western Jane Got a Gun 11:25pm Film 4

Introverted city kid Sean Astin must become leader of men when Kevin Bacon's woodland camping excursion falls apart in knife wielding coming of age adventure White Water Summer 11:35pm Talking Pictures 

Super smart sharks eat helicopter, budgie-befriending chef and motivational monologuer but avoid smokers.

Healthy-eating fun in Deep Blue Sea 11:45pm 5 Star

Wily bike courier Joseph Gordon Levitt tears round New York evading crooks and cops in frenetic fixed-frame macguffin hunting fun Premium Rush 12:10am Sony Movies

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