This is designer Neeta Lulla’s idea of an adventurous holiday

Neeta Lulla's idea of adventure is different from most others. "I am not a holiday person. For me, my work is adventure," says the celebrated designer, adding, "My trips are always a mix of vacay and work." Add to that anything that involves learning through observing or hearing what people have to say and Neeta has got herself an adventurous holiday. She fondly speaks about her latest trip to Los Angeles, where she cycled after ages. "You can hire them on Uber and scan quite a bit of the city on it.

Once you are done, you can park it on another stand," says Neeta, who was there to meet prosthetic expert Jason Collins for Kangana Ranaut's look in Thalaivi. "I took three days off to chill. With its Hollywood vibes, larger-than-life ambience, the skyline and the waterfront... each and every part of this city tells a story and I love it," she says. Her list of exciting things to do in LA includes spending time at the Santa Monica Pier, a cruise where she saw sea lions -- that were perched on the watchtower but coyly jumped into the water when they saw the ferry approaching -- and enjoying French fries at Bubba Gump, inspired by Forrest Gump and his best friend Bubba. "I visited the Dolby Theatre, sat on the steps and got pictures clicked and told myself that one day I'll be walking down its aisle.

Then I did the Hollywood Walk and found a place with a lot of Hollywood artefacts for sale.

I went on a complete binge picking up a bag-full of refrigerator magnets, caps, accessories, masks and what have you.

I really loved that route but my friends were like, 'Aren't you being a tad too wannabe touristy?'" she laughs.

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