The best places to have a luxurious holiday

The best places to have a luxurious holiday 17 June 2020

The best places to have a luxurious holidayThe best places to have a luxurious holiday

The long-awaited moment arrives when you can rest and forget about your responsibilities, either alone or with your family: the holiday season. When it comes to vacations, there is a diversity of tastes.

Some like the tranquillity of their home, and there are those who prefer family vacations and those who opt for adventure tourism. Whatever your type of holiday, you have probably always wanted to take it to another level, but have found yourself with some limitations. You have probably seen in movies and on the Internet those heavenly places that seem to be from another world.

Maybe you have dreamed of spending some holidays in a place like this, away from the cold, the rain and the usual boring city atmosphere, enjoying beautiful landscapes and luxurious places that give you comfort and fun. But you've probably seen those places outside the possibilities you can afford. However, this impediment is more of a misconception than a reality.

Having a vacation in a beautiful place is much more accessible than it seems. You can get many luxury holiday deals on Voyage Prive that will make your desired vacation a reality. You will notice that many of the places are within your budget, and with time and money, there are no further impediments to packing your bags - except choosing your destination.

Where to go on holiday There are many beautiful places to go on vacation. The decision of where to go is entirely a personal consideration, taking into account the location and what you want to do and see.

Some places are excellent for adventure but not suitable for travelling with children, while others are especially romantic or good for partying. You can even go off the beaten track and enjoy other kinds of holidays. Before deciding, remember to evaluate thoroughly the type of trip you will make, your needs and if the site covers them. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania If you want to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world you must go to Zanzibar, the main island of the Tanzanian archipelago. If you can't decide between going on safari, having a trip through historical centres and enjoying magnificent beaches, then Zanzibar is your dream holiday destination.

Inhabited for more than 20,000 years, it has a great history, from being home to the ancient Swahili people to being the birthplace of rock legend Freddie Mercury. The island has thousands of stories to tell, and its architecture proves it. The stone city, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, will surprise you with its architecture, while the crystal clear water and white sand provides the perfect environment to relax.

Zanzibar has natural areas that are rarely frequented and will create the experience of a private island, and the locals from the fishing villages will give you a warm welcome. Its temperature is warm and pleasant all year, due to its location close to the equator - it can be visited at any time. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

If the beach is not your thing and you are more into mountainous places, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is an excellent option. Chamonix is a French commune located on the slopes of Mont Blanc, which is the highest white mountain in the Alps and is on the border between France and Italy. It is a cold place of romantic appearance with local architecture that makes all its visitors fall in love.

Tourism in the city centres on skiing in the mountains, which have rich legends and history, from witches who danced on its summit to Napoleon's visit.  The art deco style of the city and the period of architecture is captivating. As a world-renowned tourist destination, it has everything from modest inns to luxury hotels with access to its cable car and impressive mountain views.

It is the ideal tourist destination for lovers of the cold and enthusiasts of snow sports. Kos, Greece Holidays in the Roman Empire?

The Greek island Kos, one of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea, has countless historical monuments that will make you feel at home in ancient Greece and Rome, accompanied by beautiful beaches, a pleasant climate and excellent tourist services. The ruins of the Agora, the Hippocrates tree and the Neratzia Castle are some of the historical tourist attractions of Kos, a geographically important place since the Bronze Age.  In the village, you can see the ancient ruins of the city and the castle dating from the 15th century.

The island has luxury hotels that will take the tourism experience to another level by providing the highest level of comfort and enjoyment. Visiting the island of Nisyros and admiring its active volcano is a stop every tourist should make, as well as enjoying the natural wealth of the island.  Tranquillity, nature, adventure, beautiful architecture, history, and of course, luxury, all come together in these places, making them the main tourist destinations that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

It's time to organise your holidays, and such a highly anticipated time of year can't be less than memorable. 

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