Kids holiday workshop an African art adventure

Published July 17, 2020 1:48PM

Mixed media creativity with an African theme was the focus of a three-day kids holiday art workshop run by artist Holly Howman-Evans (pictured standing at the table above with a group of creative children) at her Zany Zebra Art Studio at Makorori.

The children explored the theme of the "gangly giraffe" through a variety of mediums, such as oil and chalk pastels, watercolours, pencils, crayons and printing.

Holiday fun at the Zany Zebra Art Studio: Letting their creative juices flow around the table are (from left): Zaria Tupling, Belle Finnie, Ella Kirby, Frankie Allen, Nevaeh O'Neill, Naia Erickson and Stevie Keenan.

Picture by Liam Clayton

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