Holiday Extras adds Covid cover to travel insurance

Those policies now include cancellation cover should anyone insured on the policy contract Covid-19 prior to travelling and receives a positive test within 14 days prior to the travel start date; GBP10,000,000 if customers require emergency medical treatment abroad; repatriation if required and cover for additional travel and accommodation costs if the customer is discharged from hospital but medically unable to return home immediately. It also includes costs for one other person to stay with the policyholder, or to travel to the insured from the UK and accompany them home; travel costs to or from a hospital relating to admission, discharge or attendance for outpatient treatment; travel costs to and from appointments, or for the collection of medication prescribed by the hospital, as well as the cost of additional food and drink. The platinum insurance now also covers additional accommodation and/or return transportation, if customers are denied boarding on their return flight due to having or being suspected of having Covid-19.

Adam Edinburgh, Head of Commercial Insurance at Holiday Extras, commented: “Holiday Extras’ latest market research shows that 82 per cent of people who flew abroad in the last year plan to do so again either this year or next, and 43 per cent have already booked their trip.

Even with Spain temporarily off the quarantine-exemption list, most of last year’s holiday market is keen to travel soon, and since we know one of the things they need to do so is good travel insurance that protects their trip if they fall ill, we expanded our cover to help.”

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