Dreaming of a Holiday? This Gorgeous Island Destination Is Full of Safe, Outdoor Adventure

While there's no shortage of luxury hotels, quaint bed-and-breakfasts, and country inns in Jersey, why not stay somewhere a bit more unique? A stay at Archirondel Tower would certainly be memorable. This abandoned garrison sits on a rocky outcropping in the bay, offering stunning views from the roof terrace.

Nestled in the dunes on the west coast of Jersey's National Park, Barge Aground is another option for travellers looking for something different. The boat-shaped building sleeps six guests and features 1930's-era decor, twin bunk rooms, and an expansive terrace overlooking the bay. Plus, it's a great spot for outdoor BBQs and picnics.

For history buffs, the apartment at Elizabeth Castle would be an unforgettable place to stay.

The one-bedroom apartment located inside the 16th-century castle sleeps as many as six people, and once the castle closes for the day, the entire premises (including the private beach) are yours to explore.

Since the tides cut off the castle from the island twice a day, you'll have to take the ferry in and out -- but it's worth it for such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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