Gloria Thermoflamm bio Electro | Weed killer without chemicals | Electric heat ray | Easy handling | Weed free garden, driveway and decking | Eco friendly weed burner, patio cleaner | 2,000 watts: Garden & Outdoors

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About this item

  • ERGONOMIC: The 116cm long weedkiller is easy to use and has an ergonomic handle for a smooth operation and for safety when using it for igniting charcoal for a barbeque or wood for a fireplace
  • OPTIMUM WEED CONTROL: The electric ray heats up to 650°C within a few seconds. Hold the device directly over the weeds for a few seconds. After 4 days, remove the dead roots and enjoy your clean area
  • ECOLOGICAL & PET FRIENDLY: The environmentally friendly weed burner works completely without any harming chemical substances like glyphosate and is therefore pet safe and sustainable
  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: The device is checked by the TÜV and GS for quality and safety. Thanks to a pedestal the heated device can simply be put down after operation and can thus safely cool down
  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY: The German company GLORIA is a leader in innovative technologies for sprayers, garden tools and weed protection and offers a 10-year-warranty for spare parts of all products

Product description

GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Electro – Killing weed while protecting the environment Killing weed can be so simple. Fight undesired weed efficiently and without any chemicals using the GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Electro. The device works with a heat ray with 650°C and kills the plant cells efficiently. Afterwards you can remove the weed smoothly and sustainably. How to use the weed burner: Hold the device directly over the affected area for a few seconds or walk slowly holding it over numerous spots. Due to the heat the plant cells in the weeds die off and the plant dries out within a few days. Repeat the process twice or more if your garden or patio suffers from strong wild growth. You can work even quicker and more comfortable using the GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Fix with a bigger heating spiral of up to 800°C. Fast work progress is guaranteed thanks to the large radiation area of 150 cm². Product highlights: • Connection for power supply: 230-volt operation (no chemicals) • Power: 2.000 watts • Weight: 1,7 kg • Length: 116 cm • Weed killing with a heat ray with more than 650°C • strain relief for cable • Pedestal for safe cooling down • conical nozzle shields the heat ray which saves time and reduces environmental impact • TÜV and GS tested Useful dual purpose: thermoflamm bio electro works perfectly for igniting charcoal and chimney wood.

Dimensions: 116 x 19.6 x 8 cm; 1.1 Kilograms
Model: Thermoflamm
Part: Thermoflamm
Manufacture: Gloria

From the manufacturer


GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Electro

Technical details
  • Power connection: 230 V
  • Power: 2.000 W
  • Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Rod length: 1,16 m
  • Operating temperature: 650 °C
  • Consisting of aluminum and heat resistant plastic

GLORIA Thermoflamm bio Electro

Weed control – without the use of environment harmful chemicals

During the development of the Thermoflamm bio Electro, special attention was paid to simplicity and safety. The purely electric flame device can be heated to a temperature of 650°C at the push of a button – perfect for destroying resilient weeds down to the roots.

What makes the Thermoflamm bio Electro so special?

  • Effective weed control not harming the environment
  • Additional usage as a grill lighter
  • Practical – start it with the push of a button
  • Integrated stand for a safe cool down
  • Cone nozzle to shield the heat from the outside
  • Strain relief for power cables
  • TÜV SÜD and German Safety Label



how it works

grill lighter

GLORIA quality promise

  • Protects the environment: Sustainable and ecological production. GLORIA only uses high-quality raw materials, no chemicals.
  • Safety: In addition to DVGW, GLORIA checks every batch for functionality, quality and reliability.
  • Fire protection: Made with flame retardant materials.

Comfortable and safe to use

  • Long arm: Use it without stooping
  • Low weight: only 1,7 kg: Allows easy handling without effort
  • Small nozzle end: even hard to reach spots can be accessed easily and effectively
  • Safe use: Equipped with heat protection and cooling stand

Here’s how it works

  1. Ignition at the touch of a button. Heats up within a few seconds
  2. Then hold the flame directly on the weeds for a few seconds – it is not necessary to burn the plants
  3. Remove the dead plants after 2-4 days
  4. Repeat 2 to 3 times if necessary

Additional benefit as electric grill lighter

  • Practical additional benefit as a grill lighter
  • Simply direct the heat beam onto the coals until they glow red
  • Firewood can also be ignited with easy

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Thermoflamm bio Electro Thermoflamm bio Fix Thermoflamm bio Professional PLUS Thermoflamm bio Classic PLUS Thermoflamm bio Comfort PLUS
Operating Mode Electricity Electricity Compressed gas cylinder Gas cartridge Gas cartridge
Power 2.000 W 1.100 W
Temperature 650 °C 800 °C 1000 °C 1000 °C 1000 °C
Lenght 116 cm 122 cm 94 cm 87 cm 97 cm
Weight 1,7 kg 2,0 kg 2,2 kg 1,4 kg 2,3 kg
Installation operation only possible with button pressed operation only possible with button pressed ignite with a lighter automatic ignition at the push of a button automatic ignition at the push of a button
Necessary Accessories GLORIA pressure reducer required Incl. GLORIA gas cartridge Incl. GLORIA gas cartridge

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