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Tech of the Week: new FSA groupset, what to pack for a 4,400 mile race, and more

Our pick of the best tech stories from the last seven days FSA groupset finally raced If you re more interested in bikes than bikers, then the most interesting development of the last week was the arrival of a new groupset from FSA 1 , which was first spotted at last year s Tour but was only ridden for the first time on stage 17 of this year s race.

We haven t got full details of the new groupset just yet (expect those when it is properly launched at the Eurbike trade show in a months time) but safe to say that it is electronic, although not completely wireless like SRAM Red eTap 2 which was at a similar stage in it s development this time last year.

What do you pack for a 4,400 mile bike race?

This is the world’s only seven-star hotel

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is straight from a fantasy and it’s referred to as the ‘world’s only seven-star hotel ‘.

For those that are lucky enough to stay there a Rolls Royce will pick you up at the airport but if that’s not good enough for you why not step it up a notch

Emma Pooley: ‘Twitter outrage proves people do want to see more women’s cycling’

Emma Pooley also claims no individuals at British Cycling should be subject to sexism accusations Emma Pooley 1 says that the reaction on Twitter to Pete Kennaugh s tweets saying that no one cared about the women s Giro d Italia 2 is evidence that people actually do want to watch more women s cycling.

Responding to Pooley s comments in a Guardian article 3 which questioned why Sky didn t also create a leading women s team that could have helped her to win the Giro d Italia Femminile, Kennaugh said that Sky wouldn t financially back such a team because it is a race that absolutely no one in the UK has absolutely no idea about